Q&A with Melusine Draco

Nov 28th, 2012 | By | Category: Pagan Q & A

“I’ve been trying to consecrate a knife for use in Circle for magical working but it doesn’t ‘feel right’.   I’ve ritually cleansed it with salt and running water on two separate occasions, passing it through flame and smoke, but I can’t get a charge out of it following consecration.  Have you any suggestions, or am I doing something wrong?” KP (Bristol)

 Sounds right to me but you don’t mention whether the blade is an old or new one.  I suspect the former.  Try wrapping the knife in paper kitchen towels and cotton fabric, place inside an airtight plastic bag and bury it in the earth for a full lunar month.  If it still doesn’t ‘feel right’ then I’m afraid you will have to reconsider using it for magical working.   It is possible that the knife may have been used for some ‘unclean’ purpose such as butchering or cleaning the drains … it doesn’t mean that the blade is bad, merely that the Powers That Be have rejected it for ritual use.

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