Q&A With Melusine Draco

Sep 13th, 2012 | By | Category: Pagan Q & A

“I’m interested in learning to read the Tarot … can you recommend the best deck for me to buy and which one do you use?” RC (Wimbledon) 

The Marseilles deck is the oldest and the Rider-Waite the most popular but it usually comes down to whichever one ‘speaks’ to you in terms of design and symbolism.  I personally use Crowley’s Atus of Tahuti.  Most students, however, prefer ‘pretty picture’ cards that offer greater visual participation and soften the impact if there is a negative aspect to the reading.  It’s all too easy to read into the cards what you want to see, so never take a reading on face value.  Although we should have faith in what we’re doing, it should not be blind faith.  Remember that the future is not fixed, it is a series of probabilities that can be changed to bring it into line with your own personal wishes.  As Chrissie Sempers of the Raven Emporium wrote in What You Call Time: “This is the purpose of divination – not merely to gain a glimpse of the future, but to ensure that your future is what you want it to be … If you do a reading and don’t like the predicted outcome, now is the time to change matters in the present, to bring about the future you do want.  A further reading should be done asking simply: what should I do now to alter my future?”

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