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The Garden of Delights

A blog with a difference for you this month. Is it a work of fiction with elements of fact, or a work of fact with elements of fiction? You decide.


Hundreds of thousand years ago Earth was a paradise planet teeming with life, a sacred temple of the solar system. It was a petri dish of vegetation and animals feeding off the spirit of Mother Nature who makes existence possible. Everything functioned to a natural cause and effect nature of the universe and was a physical heaven on earth. At the heart of Earth’s existence was the symbiotic relationship between the animal world and the vegetable kingdom balanced by seasons and climate change. Each living thing was interconnected through the spirit and the five senses in the mind, or consciousness.

The king of beasts at the top of the food chain were the large cats, sabre toothed tigers, lions and panthers who led the hunting pack that included hyenas and Homo erectus scavenging in their wake. That is until upright running Homo erectus learnt to make stone tools to cut, scrape, stab, dig and hammer into shape the world around them. They were guided by the earth spirits surrounding them. Nature provided a rich supply of food, water, shelter and clothing material for our ancestors. The skeleton of Homo erectus in shape and size is almost identical to ours except for a smaller skull and brain that had little or no sense of self but had a great sense of family and an assured awareness of their position within nature. For them the world was there for them to experience. The rich fragrances of the plant kingdom, the rumbling of the sky, the howling of the wind and the roar of the river, feeling the warmth of the sun and the cold of night and the tasting of the many different fruits and berries and small wildlife Earth offered. Homo erectus would have witnessed the most magnificent sun rises and settings of each new day. They understood their relationship with Mother Nature and treated her with due reverence. They probably danced in the rain and sang around the fire; possibly meditated to the songs of the birds but would have always, like their fellow creatures, lived to the rhythm of the planet.


Visitors from across the galaxy came to marvel at the splendour of Earth to witness nature evolving following the demise of the large reptiles and the rise of mammals much as we would today visit a zoo or safari park. Galactic laws prohibited alien interference in the natural evolution of the Garden of Delights.

The Akkadians tell how a race of aliens whom the Bible call the ‘Watchers’ maintained the balance between nature and creatures ensuring one would not overpower the other. They were the gardeners of Eden. During their watch they discovered gold and other precious metals and stones in abundance on the sacred planet and soon a mining corporation from the distant planet Nibiru, began to illegally extract the minerals from the heart of mother earth for their own gain. The Akkadian texts call these beings the Anunnaki, ‘those from heaven to earth came’ bringing with them a labour force to clear the land, work the mines and make flint tools as metal was not freely available at the time. We know these workers as the Neanderthal and in Earth’s agreeable climate bred like bunnies began to populate areas away from the alien colonies and migrate northwards into the wilderness we call Europe. The Neanderthal mated with Homo erectus giving rise to a tall human with a large skull and brain and an improved voice box capable of language and reason. Homo sapien was born and to the Anunnaki masters these new were irresistibly beautiful and they fell in love with them producing an offspring of giants, the demi gods and heroes of our ancient past. Homo sapiens were moulded to revere and worship the alien race whose royal offspring were considered gods and goddesses and creators of the universe.

The Anunnaki were the messengers or angels of the celestial gods and goddesses and could travel to and fro from the heavens with wings or on fiery chariots and giant birds. In time they became the gods and goddesses themselves of the Mesopotamian world and soon the Indian and Egyptian cultures as well. They were real physical gods on earth, feasting, drinking and making love while humanity worked for a living offering goods and sacrifices to the earthly deities. They introduced the concept of otherworlds, a duality of existence above and below our world, the Upperworld of heaven where the gods and goddesses dwelt and the lower world, or Underworld for the dead. The Underworld became a prison for the disembodied souls of Homo Sapien ruled by the Queen of Darkness Ereshkigal and the seven Anunnaki judges. The souls are judged, debriefed, new contracts drawn up before being returned to the realm of space and time in a fresh body to do god’s will on earth; that of serving their alien masters.


Being an illegal mining operation on the sacred planet the Anunnaki were instructed to leave, which many did, by the Galactic Ordinance Department (GOD) and ordered the destruction of the human race by raising temperatures and creating earthquakes and floods around the globe. All traces of the unlawful activities had to be wiped out. Fortunately for the human race the Lady of the Earth, Ninti, the Queen of Lord Enki, ruler of the planet felt a conscience of responsibility towards mankind and convinced her husband to help them by warning a loyal king to build an ark that would withstand the catastrophe to come thus saving the human race to become the advanced civilisation we are today.

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