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In the opening to his new book, Reclaiming Civilization, Brendan Myers writes…

“I am grateful to the people of Křeničná, in Central Bohemia, Czech Republic, who in July of 2015 graciously let me share in their village life while I explored the ideas laid out in this book.
I’m grateful to the Reidinger family, who gave me their home for all of that month and made me feel most welcome, and to their neighbors who invited me into their lives for a little while.”

This summer, two years after the book was written, Brendan has been back in Central Bohemia, and has been sharing photos of the places that inspired him.

“I awaken each morning to the call of the neighbor’s rooster; I hear sheep and dogs no further away than the next house; and more kinds of birds than I know how to name. I think I can smell the cleanliness of the air here, compared to the city air of Ottawa-Gatineau. I can see the high slope of one of the hills from the window of the room where I’ve set up a writing-place; and it’s easy to imagine the land is calling me, inviting me to climb and discover what spectacles can be seen from the summit. These hills are not mountains, but they are rocky and varied; I’m told that draft
horses are still used for logging around here because it’s too steep to use tractors.”

“The dogs and I like to go to a nearby lookout tower that I’ve half-jokingly referred to as the philosopher’s research station. It’s a walk through several fields to get there, taking perhaps twenty


All photos c. Brendan Myers. All quotes taken from Reclaiming Civilization – AMAZON US 





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