Pagans Reclaiming Civilization

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What is civilization, and is it a good thing? Author Brendan Myers is a Pagan and philosopher. Reclaiming Civilization is his sixth title at Moon Books, and it officially releases at the end of August.

At first glance, this might not seem like an overtly Pagan title – from the city on the cover it might seem too inherently urban for a nature based religion. However, civilization is something that our Pagan ancestors developed. The origins of it lie somewhere back in pre-history, and the development of it can be seen in the early Mediterranean cultures so many of us look to. The early thinking on what civilization is, and what it means and what it should do all comes from Pagan thinkers, and these are the foundations for all that has followed.

The story of how we stopped being peaceful, earth-centred people and became aggressive, patriarchal, planet-abusing people is one that reoccurs across Pagan writing and thinking. In this book, Brendan Myers re-visits that issue, working with what’s known and what can be speculated, to look at the kinds of stories we tell, and how those might be changed.

This book is a reminder that Paganism is not at odds with civilization. It’s where civilization began. We can indeed reclaim it.

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