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There were a lot of wonderful contributors to the Pagan Planet anthology – last month’s new title from Moon Books – so we’re still profiling the many writers who shared their experiences and inspiration…

Thea Prothero, lives in the Southern England, but her heart belongs in Cornwall and the West where her ancestors hail from, and hopes one day to move there. Her day job is special education, she regularly writes and has worked on Pagan Dawn since 2012, and is an active member of the Pagan Federation, Children and Families Officer for South Central. Trained as a photographer, specialising in landscape work, she regularly has her images in books and magazines. In her spare time she tries to live as sustainably as possible, growing, baking, making and re-using. She also is a huge fan of Joy Division, and the post-punk era.  She follows a mainly Druid path with shamanic tendencies, and is a very proud parent of a beautifully spiritual teenager who is the subject of her article in Pagan Planet.

jhp55ddc04c930d1Her article in Pagan Planet, title is a snapshot of celebrating paganism as a family at Samhain, in a wider non-pagan community.



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