Pagan People – Nimue Brown talks to Barbara Meiklejohn-Free

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BMFKnown widely as The Highland Seer, Barbara Meiklejohn-Free was born and brought up in the Highlands of Scotland, where the ancient tradition still survives. She has worked with many of the indigenous cultures from around the world, including North and South America, and now after forty years of practice has integrated the ancient ways of Seership, Shamanism and Earth Wise traditions in this comprehensive and heart-touching volume. She lives in Buxton, UK. Barbara’s latest book with Moon Books  is The Shaman Within: Reclaiming our Rites of Passage. More information about Barbara is available from her website –




By all accounts if you are wiser in the ways of modern shamanism than I am, Barbara Meiklejohn-Free will likely be someone already on your radar. It says a lot about the growth of modern Paganism, that it’s not entirely reasonable to find that someone is a well-known name in one tradition, yet barely heard of in others. As an interviewer, I don’t tend to spend a vast amount of time researching the people I’m having conversations with, there’s something of the wild adventure to just diving in and seeing where the shared inspiration takes us…

Nimue: What brought you to Moon Books?

Barbara: I was approached by John Hunt to publish a book with him. It felt good and the ethics I love about the company. Very personal and caring. I have also been with another company and left them and brought my books with me.

Nimue: It’s so important, isn’t it, to have that sense of being valued when working in this way. When you’re writing about spirituality, it isn’t just a commercial project, it’s your soul, and having a publisher who can recognise that is worth a great deal. I think all of us at Moon Books really value that side of  things. Could you sum up the heart of your work in a few words?

Barbara: To reach out and touch the hearts of the people. To remove all the pain, fear and untruths that have been taught us through the centuries by misleading facts and information. To right the wrong done to millions of our ancestors and to heal the time lines of our future generations  still to come.

Nimue: If there is one story, one untruth that you could take out of the world forever, what would you wipe away? What do we most need to lose?

Barbara: Our creation myth of Adam and Eve. By removing this story it will heal millions of people, and the children to come. Men will honour women, women will stand in their power. The truth will set us free from all the restrictions imposed upon us that we are sinners, evil, wicked. So many people carry their burdens from countless centuries of guilt, shame, wrong doing. By healing our past we create our future destiny.

Nimue: That would make such a dramatic difference, it’s hard to imagine the world without that story, it’s influence is so widespread and informs so many things. I wholeheartedly agree that it has been used to cause a lot of needless misery. Would we be better off if we all stuck with the big bang and purely evolutionary stories about how we got here, or is there still a place for other myths?

Barbara: We need to be the creators of our myths, legends and stories. Not one of poor me, but one of how the journey through life taught us well. To be able to stand in our own power, having learnt and experienced the transitional stages and rite of passage through our created life. When we experience life we create our own destiny therefore realising past hurts and pains, life’s lessons and move forward into a new and deeper understanding of our true origins of our creation story. The circle is complete and we move forward into our freedom of surrendering into the cosmic creation which allows us to evolve and grow.

Nimue: Who, or what, inspires you?

Barbara: Life is my inspiration, every moment every turn of nature’s wheel, reveals new and deeper teachings and revelations. A passion deep within that flows through my veins, reaching new heights of awareness, awakening a sense of awe and gratitude for the greatest gift of all the ability to be alive, to experience and be one with all that is. Those who have gone before me the old ones, the ancient ones who were the wisdom keepers. Ancient and tribal cultures who lived in nature and listened to the land, the spirits, these are the people who inspire me, my ancestors.

Nimue: If someone was coming to your work for the first time, where would be the best place to start?

Barbara: If they came to my workshops they would meet me. Then they could ask questions. Every one of us is unique and the path of the shaman is also unique. Many paths all lead to the same place. I cover so many different subjects therefore it would be at the beginning removing all the self-limited beliefs systems to reach the roots and foundations of the person. Once all the fears, are stripped away they can start to build their solid foundation so they can grow and learn.

Nimue: Do you travel with the teaching at all, or do people need to come to you?

Barbara: Yes I travel all over the world to bring the teachings I have been gifted by spirit to the people who have a calling to listen. People also come to me as well. I am very blessed to be an elder and wisdom keeper, my blood brother Ed Macgaa is Lakota Sioux so very blessed.


nimue brownDruid, author, bard and dreamer. Nimue Brown is OBOD trained, a founding member of Bards of The Lost Forest, Druid Network member and previous a volunteer for The Pagan Federation. To find out about Nimue’s books or to purchase them online click on the images below…




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  1. ‘We need to be the creators of our myths, legends and stories’ – absolutely- in relationship with the land and communities where we live.

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