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iPagan is an anthology of Druidry, Shamanism, Witchcraft and Goddess Spirituality from some of the world’s leading Pagan voices.

Here’s what you can find in this exciting new anthology:


The Ever Changing Faces of the Gods ~ Luke Eastwood
The Promise ~ Joanna van der Hoeven
Is It True Or Are You Making It Up As Go? ~ Graeme K Talboys
So you want to be a Druid? ~ Ellen Evert Hopman
Where the Heart Is ~ Robin Herne
Ghosts of Avalon ~Simon Stirling
Psychological Druidry ~ Brendan Howlin
Magical perceptions and states of mind ~ Nimue Brown
Taking the Road Less Traveled, Morgan Daimler
Druids: An Historical / Philosophical View ~ Brendan Myers
Tales of the Celtic Bards ~ Claire Hamilton
An Interview with Paul Davies

What are We Looking For in Shamanism? ~ Kenn Day
Shamanism in the Modern World ~ Jez Hughes
Awakening the Old Ways of Britain ~ Elen Sentier
Plant Spirit Shamanism – How Plants Heal ~ Ross Heaven
The Divine Child ~ Imelda Almqvist
Life Beyond Ecstasy ~ S. Kelley Harrell
Signs, Symbols and Messages ~ Yvonne Ryves
Living Shamanism – Unveiling the Mystery ~ Julie Dollman
‘Knock, Knock, Who’s there?’ ~ Jessica D. Rzeszewski
Meet the Magical Nightshade Family ~ Steve Andrews
The Rush Hour Shaman ~ Janet Gale
Minoan Shamanism ~ Laura Perry

Sacred Feminine for a Sustainable Future; Who are the Goddess Advocates? ~ Dr. Rev. Karen Tate
The Dark Goddess ~ Jane Meredith
The Cailleach ~ Rachel Patterson
The Morrigans: Ancient Goddesses in Modern Times ~ Morgan Daimler
Elen: Ancient Deer Goddess ~ Elen Sentier
Lamia ~ Dorothy Abrams
Ariadne ~ Laura Perry
Goddesses of the Ancient Celts in Wales ~ Angela Paine
Finding the Imperfect Goddess on the Earthly plain: Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Literary Goddesses ~ Rebecca Beattie
Maiden, Mother, Crone: Voices of the Goddess ~ Claire Hamilton
Eris, Trickster Goddess ~ Lucya Starza

Faith & Belief in Traditional British Old Craft ~ Mélusine Draco
Kitchen Witchcraft ~ Rachel Patterson
Romancing the Scorpion ~ Hearth Moon Rising
Celtic Witchcraft ~ Mabh Savage
Snakes! It had to be Snakes! ~ Dorothy Abrams
Sacred Sex and Magic ~ Missy Goodsell
The Witch Goddess Hekate ~ Vivienne Moss
The Craft Opened Up ~ Siusaidh Ceanadach
To Witch Lit and Beyond ~ Sheena Cundy
A Love Letter to the Faery King ~ Halo Quin

Civil Rights: A Pagan Perspective ~ Dorothy Abrams
Grass Roots for Pagans ~ Nimue Brown
Paganism and Anarchism ~ Graeme K Talboys
Censorship through Self-Help: Reading your best life ~ Hearth Moon Rising
Education and Paganism ~ Fiona Tinker
Paganism over the Rainbow~ Robin Herne
Power ~ Jane Meredith
A Three Legged Horse ~ Jessica Rzeszewski
Wiping Warfare off the Planet: Should Pagans Lead the Charge? ~ Jeri Studebaker
Pagan Parenting in the 21st Century ~ Morgan Daimler
Rewilding ~ Elen Sentier
Reforestation ~ Brendan Howlin
Always the Maiden, never the Queen? – Identity and the Triple Goddess ~ Halo Quin

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