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Taliswoman: Symbols of Synchronicity,  2017


Greetings Goddess Tribe,

Regardless of spiritual path or religious house one may choose, marking each and every Holy Day gives us the opportunity to embrace the sacred. Viewing this opportunity through the world-view lens of Goddess Consciousness gives a special perspective on how to approach setting intention, making preparations, and planning activities for each Holy Day we choose to celebrate. For me, each Holy Day in the Wheel of the Year allows a much needed opening to step out of normal time and into what I call Mystic Time. This time out of time provides a container for stillness, healing, reflection, and magic. For many of us who live hectic lives in stressful times this ‘break in the clouds’ can be the difference between barely making it through and something else altogether; something exceptional.

Imbolc Altar, 2018


As I prepare my altar this weekend for the upcoming Holy Day of Imbolc I pause for consideration on this particular holiday for its uniqueness in that it is one of the holidays throughout the year that has not been impacted by the rise of Christianity as much as other holidays we celebrate en masse in the western world. Because of this, I have more capacity to create a sacred container to commune with the Divine. As this is the first Holy Day/Holiday after the New Year and I’m not much one for setting resolutions I use this time to set some intentions for the upcoming calendar year. Most often, intentions are connected to spiritual life, commitments to myself for growth opportunities, and always include an action plan for artistic and creative inquiry.



Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert

I also take the opportunity in preparation for each Holy Day to inquire with an Oracle for clarity, consideration, and introspection. For Imbolc, I use the Gaian Tarot and once again, on this Holy Day, I pulled the 7 of Fire; for the third year in a row. For me, this card represents industriousness, using the power of fire to get things done, and also represents a solitary approach to action. Last year, I pulled the 7 of Fire and the 5 of Fire; indicating a need to remove old structures in order to move forward. I created a Blessing Bead Taliswoman including the oracle cards in the triptych. This type of sacred creativity makes each piece even more special to me.


Blessing Bead Taliswoman, 2017


As most of you know, the Great Goddess Brigid reigns over Imbolc and she also happens to be a personal favorite. As an archetype She embodies resiliency, fluidity, and strength.  She is an icon and has served Her people for centuries. I am inspired by Brigid to serve my community in the role of priestess.  She is transformative, a creatrix, and a force to be reckoned with. She is the Sacred Feminine.



 She Who Shines

Our Lady,

Of the forge, the fields, and the flame

Light the way for us to follow

Stand tall and bring us forward

Our Lady; Red and Gold

Blessed Be


Where do you find the Sacred?


Jessica Bowman, M.A. is an author, artist, and activist currently working on a dissertation researching the application of Goddess consciousness to social justice issues. For a free creativity eBook please go to www.sacredspiralstudios and click on the Cauldron of the Moon link.  You can find more of her work at http://www.creativityandthedivinefeminine.com and http://www.magicalapothecary.com.


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