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Here’s all the latest author news from Moon Books.

What we’ve been up to…

Julie Brett did a talk on the poet Amergin and how his poetry of invoking the land can help us to create ritual practices for deeper connection with our immediate environment. That was at the Australian Wiccan Conference in New South Wales.

Fiona Tinker contributed a chapter titled ‘A Case for Pagan Inclusion in Multi-faith Religious Education: Scotland’ to an academic book on Interfaith matters across Europe.

Dorothy L. Abrams said, “I led the Mabon Ritual last week 9/23. We spooned salt crystals on the left side of the scale to represent what we had finished with and released. Then we placed seeds on the right side of the scale to represent the things we call in to replace them. The Web PATH Center staffed its usual booth at the area Pagan Pride Fall Harvest Festival in Liverpool NY 9/16. We are known for our pagan yard sale and we also sell copies of Sacred Sex and Magick.”

Morgan Daimler finished up the manuscript for her next Fairy witchcraft book titled ‘Travelling the Fairy Path’ which should be out in 2018. She should be starting a project next month on the Moon Books blog where she will be posting a chapter a month from her in-progress book Pagan Portals Fairy Queens.

Jhenah Telyndru said, “After a very busy summer of travel and teaching, I have this going on: Ninefold Festival is presented by Sisterhood of Avalon and I am one of the keynote speakers. We were just featured in our local paper here in Ithaca, NY. www.ithaca.com/entertainment/ninefold-festival-welcomes-women-of-ithaca-to-paganism

Coming up….

Rachel Patterson is a guest ghostly tale teller at this event in November

Rachel Patterson will be giving a talk at Witchfest in October, as will Lucya Starza who is doing a talk on candle magic at 2pm a book signing of Pagan Portals – Candle Magic later in the afternoon.  http://witchfest.net/events/witchfest-international/  You can also see Moon Books authors Pete Jennings, Flavia Kate Peters, Barbara Meiklejohn-Free, and Cat Treadwell.

From Hearth Moon Rising. How does moon energy enhance (or inhibit) the effectiveness of your spells? What rituals work best for various moon phases? How do moon phases and sun positions interact magically? This class will help you use moon and sun energies more effectively in your practice. Hearth Moon Rising will be running a webinar on Mastering Moon Energies over 5 Mondays, October 9 to November 6, 7:00 to 8:30 EST. Exploring how the moon effects your magic and your ceremonies. Open to all levels, women and men. $80 More info: https://hearthmoonrising.com/workshops/mastering-moon-energies/

Julie Brett will be helping organise a Beltane event in Sydney on 14th October. The official website is www.gsevents.org.au  There’s also the Druids Down Under National Gathering coming up in March 2-5, 2018. She will be running that with Gliding Seal Events. Tickets are selling fast. this is the first event of its kind. www.gsevents.org.au/ddung. (DDUNG – fertiliser for the spirit)

Kevan Manwaring will be performing as part of Brighid’s Flame at Swindon Central Library, 31st October, 7pm http://brighidsflame.co.uk/gigs/

Lucya Starza will be running a book launch party for Every Day Magic – A Pagan Book of Days, on November the 4th at The Atlantis Bookshop in London. On Sunday November 5 she is running a candle magic workshop at Treadwell’s in London. More information about that here – www.badwitch.co.uk/2017/09/

Rebecca Beattie is teaching at Treadwells in October – she has an incense class which is sold out, and a new cycle of ‘Witchlets’ starting.She will also be speaking at an International Creative Writing conference in Corfu.

David Salisbury  has a run of events coming up Oct 6, book signing at The Enchanted Fae in Maryland  Oct 7, potion making workshop
-Oct 15, Halloween history and magic lecture .

Look out for a month of ‘Rhythms of Magic – October’ blogs from the Kitchen Witch blog throughout October.


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