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Moon Books author Imelda Almqvist has had so much going on lately that it needs a whole blog post to bring you up to speed!

She did an ‘At Home’ photoshoot with Spirit & Destiny Magazine¬†For their March issue of 2017. Here’s a little clip from that:


Imelda Almqvist is, as well as being an author, a tacher, film maker and artist. this is her new film, Mengl√∂√į and the Nine Maidens of Lyfjaberg

Bow Woman And Alder Man

Imelda Almqvist has started teaching her 2 year sacred art practitioner program in Philadelphia and has been asked to teach add-ons to future modules! More information here –¬†

She’s also written¬†a chapter for The Healing Therapy Guide

Last but not least: Imelda is starting a new circle of shamanic practitioners in training in London this week: More on that here.

Find out more about Imelda’s Moon Books title – Natural Born Shamans here –¬†


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