New for July – The Shamanic Handbook of Sacred Tools and Ceremonies

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jhp551e72ca5a5deThe Shamanic Handbook of Sacred Tools and Ceremonies is the perfect companion book for all budding and well-practiced shamans, wise men and women who partake in sacred ceremonial, ritual and healing work. It also serves as an excellent introduction into the practical side of earth-centred traditions. As you begin your path as a Shaman, of the ‘One who knows’, your journey will be one of remembrance as you connect with the oldest and most holistic traditions of the ancestors.

  • Paperback £9.99 || $16.95Jul 31, 2015

  • eBook £6.99 || $9.99Jul 31, 2015


About the authors…

Known widely as The Highland Seer, Barbara Meiklejohn-Free was born and brought up in the Highlands of Scotland, where the ancient tradition still survives. She has worked with many of the indigenous cultures from around the world, including North and South America, and now after forty years of practice has integrated the ancient ways of Seership, Shamanism and Earth Wise traditions in this comprehensive and heart-touching volume. She lives in Buxton, UK. For more information see

Flavia Kate Peters resides in Buxton, where she and shaman expert Barbara Meiklejohn-Free work under the popular ‘Spirit Visions’ banner. Flavia has always communed effortlessly with nature spirits and though she grew up heavily involved in the performing arts, she never lost her ‘mystical connections’. Later she studied with Doreen Virtue, becoming her Angel expert prodigy, but decided to explore further her love of all things pagan and more earthly. She devotes her time now teaching others to work with the energies of Mother Nature, whilst still lending her expertise to many publications including Spirit & Destiny, FAE Magazine and The Magical Times and presenting at major MBS events in the UK.

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