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Moon Books has a number of community anthologies out there in the world already. These books give opportunities to Pagans who are not established authors. We know it’s important to get more voices heard, to increase diversity and to give people opportunities. That’s why we’ve opened the Moon Books blog up to contributors from the wider Pagan community, and why we publish community anthologies.

Anthologies are also a great way to give readers a sense of what a whole array of authors are like – which can save you a lot of time and money trying to track down people you want to read. We’re keen to get the right books to people. Paganism is such a powerful and emotive subject, full of different views so finding the authors who make sense to you can be challenging.

In August 2018 we’re publishing Seven Ages of the Goddess – With contributions from best-selling authors such as Morgan Daimler, Elen Sentier and Jhenah Telyndru, as well as a new generation of up-coming writers, Seven Ages of the Goddess uncovers the history of the Goddess, from prehistoric origins through to the present day and beyond.

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In September 2018 we will bring you What is Shamanism? This book is a collaboration between eleven leading Shaman authors and practitioners each tasked with the discussion of a particular central aspect or theme. The result serves as both an excellent introduction to anyone coming to Shamanism for the first time and a stimulating read for the more experienced Shaman interested in engaging with contemporary thinking and debate.

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In October 2018 we have Shaman Pathways – Deathwalking. A Moon Books community anthology focusing on deathwalking and psychopomp work: the shamanic practice of helping the deceased’s soul pass on to the next realm.

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