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jhp55916ae73c62eThe month we welcome Jez Hughes to Moon Books, with his first title, The Heart of Life. Jez is the founder of Second Sight Healing, established in 2005 and based in the UK, a centre that offers a variety of accredited programmes of Shamanic Training and initiation from basic workshops to intensive Practitioner levels. He also teaches around the UK and Europe. He has worked full time as a Shamanic Healer for over a decade, treating thousands of people.

Jez’s work has been featured on BBC Radio, Channel 4 television and in an array of national magazines including Sacred Hoop, Kindred Spirit, Spirit & Destiny, Natural Health and Soul & Spirit. He has also featured in the International Arts and Culture magazine, VICE. We’re very excited that he’s brought his first full length book to us.

The Heart of Life owes greatly to the author’s personal struggles and experiences. At the age of fourteen Jez suffered his own initiatory crisis following a convulsive fit. This experience pushed him spontaneously into an altered state of consciousness: revealing the awesome power and bliss of the universe. Having no context in which to frame this experience though left him in an almost permanent high state of anxiety. The sheer force of the incident rippled into severe repercussions creating havoc to his nervous system resulting in on-going seizures, breakdowns and intense mental challenges for the next 15 years. The desire to find a cure rather than succumb to medication, became the motivation for his personal healing journey; an exploration that took 10 years and numerous spiritual pathways until finally reaching a cure through the practical applications of shamanism.

Captivated by the extraordinary wisdom and healing powers of the Shamanic way, Jez undertook five years intensive training with both UK and indigenous teachers before becoming a full-time Shamanic Practitioner. He is a member of the Society of Shamanic Practitioners.

The Heart of Life is an exploration into the depths of what it means to be alive, when the ‘cellophane packaging we wrap around life to keep it safe and sterile has been unwrapped and discarded’. It reveals how the ancient path of shamanism and indigenous wisdom can offer us solutions to the many problems facing the modern world, both global and collective. It offers a unique cosmology that explores how these problems, from potential global ecological catastrophe to the multitude of mental and physical illnesses afflicting individuals, are intrinsically linked and how they can be treated. How the soul sickness that is affecting the modern world may well be the initiation we are going through as a species. This is illustrated through the personal and professional experiences of contemporary shaman Jez Hughes, who cured himself successfully of convulsive fits and mental illnesses using shamanic methods and has since gone on to treat thousands of people in the same way.



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