New for September Pagan Portals – Australian Druidry

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Julie Brett is a new author joining the Moon Books team. She’s a druid exploring the challenges of following this path in a landscape and climate very different to the one in which both ancient and modern Druidry originated. It is  a supplement to the study of Druidry and other nature-based spiritual paths as practiced in Australia. This is a must-read for Australian Pagans, but not just for Australian Pagans.

As well as being of great value to Australian readers, this book provides a road map for anyone trying to adapt Paganism to fit in a landscape that doesn’t lend itself to the standard eightfold wheel of the year celebrations.

“This is a clearly written and creative guide to the practice of Druidry in the southern hemisphere.  For those wakeful to their European ancestry or inspired to explore its teachings, the book encourages a sensitive relationship with the antipodean landscape, its climate and ecology, celebrating its uniqueness, while not intruding upon the native traditions.” Emma Restall-Orr

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