My Affirmations for May

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From Beltane to June, I’m keeping the fires of the May Day festivities hot by repeating some affirmations that mean a great deal to me this year. I’m very focused on keeping good people close to me and showing them how much they’re appreciated, and I’m also learning more and more about the power and legend of Lugh. Here are my affirmations for the month of May.

  • I embrace the warming Earth
  • I do and will continue to stand up for what is right.
  • Green leaves, red clay, bluebells, yellow buds in May; every colour has its place.
  • I aim to be kind. This makes me stronger, not weaker.
  • Lugh is returning. Long may he shine.
  • I am letting go of something that does not serve me.
  • Beltane’s fires transform us. I allow myself to change and grow.
  • I stand with my tribe, near and far, with respect and patience.
  • Balefires destroy but they also cleanse. I respect the fire but can walk on hot coals when needed.
  • Even on dim, grey, spring days, I remember that Summer is returning.
  • Tribe is the family we choose, and who chooses us.
  • The Morrígan transform us, Brigid guide our working hands and Lugh be our strength and radiance.

What affirmations or mantras do you use in your spiritual practice?

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