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So what happens we we miss full moon ritual?

January has been busy for me in my life and work, so I have recently been thinking about the idea of “missed” ritual or events. Such as missing a full moon ritual, as many witches and pagans honor and celebrate.

So what does happen when we “miss it”?

Unless it is part of some type of oath or agreement, I would say that rituals not happening on particular days or times are not quite so important, to pagan gods anyway.

The Charge of the Goddess states to gather in worship, work magic, and better it be when the moon is full. Not “thou shall”.

We, as pagans are not quite as mandated as organized monotheistic religions.

You can celebrate and honor full moon, or any esbat first of all without doing magic. I have come to the realization that if you are repeating magic for the same thing
you either didn’t have true faith in your magical working, or you did something to cause it not to work,¬† your actions and life going against what you say your intention is.

Full moon is actually three days. You have opportunity.

If for some reason, none of these work due to modern life and schedules, I try to do the closest I can.

Rituals don’t have to always be overly complicated and elaborate. I’ve had times where I simply looked up, said a few words, and made a connection, depending on
the situation. Other times I use this as a cue to make this my most formal ritual, again depending on the situation.

I feel full moon is a brilliant guideline for how often to practice deep ritual. Ritual too often can become a chore. Ritual too infrequently leads to loss of connection,
and loss of piety.

I feel while there are some rituals that are to honor the gods, and can be done anytime, or on their historical holy days, or sabbats, full moon rituals
were more handed down and designed to benefit us. To give us a reasonable amount of time in between ritual without being too close or too far apart,
and a specialness to feel magical.

The longer I’ve been in the craft, the less I’ve gotten hung up on being afraid to miss out¬† on something, or pressured to meet a timeline. Also, the longer I’ve been
in the craft the less I feel the need to “do” magic, and the more and more I focus on “being” magic, and living magically and living spiritually.
I meditate daily, and incorporate small daily disciplines. I think , live , and work ethically. I make my best effort to be respectful of all.

Missing ritual , full moon or otherwise, should be avoided. This does not come from fear of repurcussion, such as scolding, scorning, or punishment, but from the
sense of discipline that it is only once a month, surely one can devote maybe an hour of actual ritual within the entire month. This is a matter of character.

Should you miss full moon ritual, do one when you remember, or feel the time is right. When is the time right for ritual? Anytime. Now. Later. When you feel the need.
When you want to. When you feel disconnected, and want to reconnect.

The next time you perform ritual, put your all into it. It is better to be into your actions entirely than to do anything half hearted. Be fully present.

The bottom line, unless you have an assigned role in public ritual, if you miss, you miss out. Nothing more, and nothing less.

Robert Scott has contributed to Circle Magazine and Witches & Pagans magazine. He has been a practicing Pagan for over 13 years and is currently researching Roman reconstruction practice.

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