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All of our books can be studied alone, but if you want to take it a step further, many of the authors offer further ways of studying with them.

Arc of the goddess front page JanuaryFor some time now, Rachel Patterson and Tracey Roberts have been sharing Arc of the Goddess material through this blog. Arc of the Goddess will come out as a book in June, and there’s also a course – more information here –

You might also want to check out Rachel’s online Kitchen Witch School for courses –





jhp560a6b221513dTreadwell’s has asked Lucya Starza to re-run her Candle Magic Workshop because the first one sold out! The next workshop is on Sat 9 April 2016, 1pm to 3 pm. It is a two-hour  mini-workshop and costs £20  per person. Those who attend get to enchant a candle that they take home with them.

The details will be very similar to the first workshop – except that Lucya will not be talking about Imbolc but about love spells as it is in the run-up to Beltane.




jhp5166f08f7c1dbJoin Laura Perry to journey into the Labyrinth and discover the magic and beauty of Minoan spirituality. Meet the Great Mother Rhea in her cave on Mt. Dikte; dance with Dionysos and celebrate the Ancestors with the Melissae. And walk the Labyrinth hand-in-hand with Ariadne, the One who lights the way.

Every Monday for eight weeks you’ll receive the class information in PDF format by e-mail – an adventure in Minoan culture, spirituality, and mythology. Laura will share rituals with you and show you how to create a Minoan-style altar. The classes will include devotionals, myths and legends, and even recipes and crafts. In addition to the PDF, each week’s class will include an MP3 of a guided meditation focusing on the deities and subject matter of the week. Along with the lessons you’ll have access to a private Facebook group for discussion where I’ll be happy to answer all your questions and help you along.

This is all new material that doesn’t duplicate anything in the book Ariadne’s Thread. And no, you don’t have to read the book before you take the class! This year’s class starts March 7 and registration ends February 29.

Claire Hamilton runs weekly evening classes and daytime workshops in the Forest of Dean and Monmouthshire area (Newland and Llandogo). Courses are designed to help and encourage creative writing in all its forms, whether simply a means of self-expression or as a means of earning money. Stimulating new approaches and techniques will be presented and discussed, and helpful feedback given on assignments. More information here –

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