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August is here, which means I am taking a break from my regular blog posts for the next two months. I know you are probably a little disappointed (I am writing this with my facetious face on.) But please be assured that I shall return with a vengeance from October onwards including a glimpse of The Cailleach in Ireland courtesy of Jane Brideson and a view of winter in the mystical sacred lands.

Meanwhile I have written reviews of two great books being released by Moon Books this month, in the hopes that you show your appreciation by purchasing them as soon as they are released. Enjoy!


Pagan Portals – Poppets and Magical Dolls.

Lucya Starza

ISBN 978-1-78535-721-3.
“A history of and a practical guide to the uses of poppets and magical dolls in sympathetic magic.”

I was drawn to this book because within my own largely Druidic practice, I create Brideogs at Imbolc to honour the goddess Brigid. (Please see my blog post: I have always been intrigued, when viewing such items in the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic, for instance; so was keen to learn how inanimate objects, particularly something that is held in such high regard within our society and my own childhood, are imbued with power and used magically. Therefore I snapped up the chance to discover more about this ancient practice with the help of Lucya Starza’s new book.

If you have seen a film featuring witchcraft or magic, remember the symbolic doll figurine which is ritually stuck with pins, causing someone great pain and possibly death at the hands of the wicked witch? How about the fairy at the top of your Christmas or yuletide tree? Magical use of dolls is more familiar than you thought. Starza explores with great understanding, the history of poppets and methods in which dolls are used worldwide. Further, it is explained how to imbue magic in various ways so a doll can be used for all types of magic with the desired outcomes. I was especially interested in the idea of a spirit doll and spirit houses. I have seen similar in Shinto, and some Eastern beliefs, to which Starza brings a whole new level of knowledge and world-wide wisdom.

In conclusion, this is a very extensive and expertly written book crammed into a small edition. If you are interested in utilising poppets in your practice, or simply curious, as I was, then this book is a fantastic stepping stone into this fascinating subject.

Pagan Portals – Divination: By Rod, Birds and Fingers.

Melusine Draco.

ISBN: 978-1-78535-858-6
Divination is a wide spread practice, one I have lifelong personal experience of – my Gran used to read tealeaves, and would make predictions about the weather, season or year from signs in nature, (for example, if blackberries were ready before mid- August, it meant we would have a long winter.) I regularly use Runes which I have made myself to find answers and guidance, and was recently introduced to a form of augury by the wonderful Sharon Blackie. So when asked to review a new book by Melusine Draco on Divination, I jumped at the chance. Although a small book in page number, it is packed with useful information and, as one would expect from Melusine Draco, well researched and expertly written. Her concise and clear writing style will encourage and inform the novice and the seasoned practitioner will learn a thing or two as well.

Rod, Birds and Fingers covers many forms of divination, from the familiar Tarot and dowsing to the unusual and intriguing Rhdomancy (divining by rod). I am sure that by the end of the book, the reader will be dying to try at least one new form for themselves. Even though the book is written from a Witches perspective, it will appeal to anyone from any path who is interested in the subject, (such as myself). Above all, I enjoyed trying some of the practical exercises, which are helpfully placed at the end of each chapter, and will be seeking more book by the author to study and enrich my own practice and I suggest you do too.

In the comments section below, I would be interested in hearing your experiences using poppets and different forms of divination. If you want to post a comment about these books then please do so – I would love to hear from you!

Til next month!

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