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Some of our Moon Books authors also work as celebrants…

Jhenah TelyndruAs ordained clergy, Jhenah Telyndru has been facilitating legal marriages and other rites of passage for more than 20 years; she is, and always has been, a proud supporter of marriage equality. If you live in and around the Central New York or New York City areas, and are seeking an officiant for a wedding, baby blessing, first moon, handfasting, uncoupling, or funeral, please contact Jhenah via her website


Fiona Tinker is one of the SPF’s Pagan Celebrants who are able to conduct legal Pagan marriages in Scotland, as well as other rites of passage. Pagan marriage is recognised in countries that recognise other forms of legal marriage in Scotland, even if they don’t – as yet – have legal Pagan marriages themselves. Contact for a legal SPF Celebrant –


cat treadwellCat Treadwell is a Druid Priest, author, professional Chaplain and volunteer for The Pagan Federation and The Druid Network. She and her partner perform handfasting ceremonies throughout the UK, providing couples with a beautiful and meaningful alternative to a standard wedding. You can find out more on her website –

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