Modern Medicine for Modern Crafters, in which the author gets personal

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Many Witches and Pagans of all flavors prefer to use homeopathy and herbal medicine to combat their ailments. Sometimes that is not enough. Sometimes we have to turn to modern medicine to treat or cure whatever is wrong with us.

First off, I want to state plain and clear that modern medicine is the answer for many of our modern ailments. Without modern medicine, and the journey to get us to where we are, humans as a whole would be living in what some call third world countries. The lack of modern medicine would result in shorter lifespans, more frequent deadly infections, and much worse. Modern medicine has made it possible for many on this Earth to live and be healthy. From immunizations to seemingly miraculous surgeries and treatments.

Much of what we suffer from this day in age can be treated, to one extent or another, by homeopathic and herbal treatments. But is that really enough? From physical to mental illnesses, there are any number of “natural treatments” outs there. Some, a very few, have real results. Modern medicine needs to look to these “natural treatments” to discover what of them can and does have a provable effect on our health.

I will use myself as an example of what I am talking about. I suffer from depression, a mental illness. I spent years using herbal treatments to combat the dark moods. I took St. John’s Wort for several years. It worked. At least I think it did. My mood was more stable, I had fewer swings from dark and depressing to the “normal”. When I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, though, I had to stop taking St. John’s. Most blood pressure medications are contraindicated with St. John’s Wort. My doctor didn’t tell me that, the pharmacist did.

After a few months of dealing with the mood swings often associated with depression I went to my doctor and asked for some help. He proscribed an antidepressant. Combined with better sleep, exercise, and an attempt at a better diet, I have learned to deal with the depression better.  I’m not cured. For the most part, chemical imbalances in the brain, which often cause depression and other mental illnesses, cannot be cured. They can only be treated with medications and herbal supplements.

I am treating, through the help of my doctor, neuropathy in my feet. The medicine that he has prescribed, a low dose of a common medication, has helped reduce the symptoms. The pleasant side effect is that my intention tremors in my arms and hands have also been reduced.

More recently, I have been dealing with recurring hives with an unknown cause or chronic idiopathic urticaria (CIU). This is some kind of allergic reaction to an environmental stimulus. My physician sent to me a dermatologist who in turn sent me to an allergist. With that chain of referrals, it is obvious that the physician and the dermatologist could not come to a diagnosis. The allergist had no answers, either. I had no reaction to the skin tests that were administered. A treatment plan was devised for the interim. Including a series of injections that may have severe side effects, but appears to be doing some good at this point. I am three antihistamines, a corticosteroid, and an anti inflammatory.

What does all that mean? I don’t know. But I am happier to not have to deal with constant itching. The hives still appear, but they are less frequently irritating. Could all of this be treated more effectively with homeopathic and herbal medicine? I somehow doubt that. But it could be. I really don’t know.

What is the point of all this? I wanted to share with you that sometimes modern medicine can be more effective than relying completely on “natural medicine”. You may have noticed that I put that phrase in quotes. Most of what we think of as natural medicine has not been clinically tested. In the United States, we rely on the Food and Drug Administration to assure us that medicine is safe. They have little to no control over herbal supplements.

Is it right for you? That’s up to you. I for one will continue to combine my “natural” with the modern. Better sleep, better eating habits (note: not diet), exercise, and asking questions of the doctors will help me to continue to improve my overall health and outlook on life.

I am fully in support of the idea of using “natural medicine” to treat or supplement the treatment prescribed by your doctors. I also firmly believe that sometimes, often times, modern medicine is the answer to many of the common illnesses – and not so common – that we face in the modern world. With consultation, your doctor can help you to determine a course of treatment that combines homeopathic and “natural medicine” along with the modern medical treatments.

I am not going to go on about immunizations. You can find arguments for and against that all over the interwebs. I will say this on the topic, if you choose not to immunize, stay at home whenever you feel ill. You are more of a danger to others than they are to you.

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    • Philipp Kessler says:

      Thank you! Since writing that article I have gone to an allergist and started a course of treatment that seems to be effective on the hives. I am continuing my regimen of other medications as directed and looking forward to warmer weather so that I can work on other physical issues.

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