Merlin, past and future

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Since the release of her Pagan Portal on Merlin, Elen Sentier has been out and about giving talks…

On the 24th of February she gave a talk on Merlin, Thresholds & the Fatherless Child. this was an illustrated talk at Rudolph Steiner House, London. Elen said: “The talk went very well with an interested audience asked many pertinent questions, particularly about what might happen if they contact Merlin themselves. They very much got the point that he’s not interested in worshippers but rather in people who are willing to learn how to help otherworld and our Earth with the crisis humankind finds itself in at the moment. Most of them seemed very willing to give it a go, make and spend the time contacting him and learning with him – I found that so good, really made my heart sing. Quite a few of them bought the book too, and asked me about the apprenticeship or other ways of working and, again I found this really good to see.”

Beltane 2017: Elen is in process with turning the PowerPoint talk into a video to go up on YouTube for Beltane. This is a new venture for her, as she’s not made videos this way before, so it’s a fairly steep learning-curve. She says,  “I also intend to make and record the music for it, drumming, flute and voice-singing – that will take some time! I have to get the original material together and sounding good, decently recorded and edited. Needless to say, I’ll be asking Merlin to help and lend a hand *chuckle*. My colleague, Dr Kevin Ashby, who’s helping with the workshop is also a good drummer and overtone singer, so it will be the two of us recording several channels. I also hope to get another colleague, Kathryn Bird of the super folk group Devonbird, to maybe lend a hand, or even a voice, as well as do some artwork for me, see her stuff at Shaman Art UK. I really want to use this pic … just look at those owls!”

merlin for elen

Art by Kathryn Bird

2-4 June 2017: Merlin: Crossing Thresholds – an experiential weekend workshop based around Elen Sentier’s latest book, Merlin: once & future wizard: with Elen Sentier & assisted by Dr Kevin Ashby PhD.  Herefordshire: cost: £270: max: 6 people: includes light lunch.

Contact: and see “workshops” at

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