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Magic Crystals, Sacred Stones
“The author, an heir to a Traditional Witchcraft Coven dating to the mid-nineteenth century, would be at home in a Circle or a university lecture hall. This book is as much an exposition of the mysteries of Witchcraft, and the witch’s treasures in the earth, as it is a guide to geology. If you’re looking for a crystals-of-Atlantis or some other kind of New Age nonsense fluff, this is not the book for you. If you want solid, tried and tested knowledge that will aid your practice, make you think, and challenge you to do the spade-and-shovel work of real Witchcraft, this is what you’ve been looking for. Carl Sagan called geology the “study of time and pressure.” Melusine Draco has expanded that science to include Witchcraft in a way that is elegant and disciplined. This book is a “must have” for any student of the Nameless Art.”  Chris Grabarkiewctz, USA

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This is a really interesting book, bringing far more weight to the subject of crystals than is normal for New Age fayre. There’s a hefty reference section with more technical information than esoteric, and as a Druid, this really appeals to me. I’m wary of dogmatic spiritual interpretations of things, but going in depth on the tangible aspects we might easily agree on, and then using that as a basis for personal exploration seems like a much better idea to me. I was also very taken with the emphasis Melusine Draco places on relating to the rocks beneath your feet. Knowing what you are stood on, where that comes from and what it means is a way of connecting with the earth, and the massive time scales of geology are a useful counter-perspective for human issues. If you are working with earth energies or crystals, or want to work with personally sourced stones, there’s a lot to be gained from reading this book.

Nimue Brown.


  • Paperback £11.99 || $19.95
  • Sep 28, 2012. 978-1-78099-137-5.
  • eBook £6.99 || $9.99
  • Sep 28, 2012. 978-1-78099-138-2.

DMMfront coverThe Dictionary Magic & Mystery

“I’m the first to confess that I love when others do all of the work for me!  Melusine Draco has done that in her tour de force, The Dictionary of Magic & Mystery.  There is absolutely no doubt that any practitioner, however seasoned, will gain tremendous knowledge from this book.  Don’t expect to find the usual platitudes and New Age crap that comprise so many sterile works claiming to expound the Mysteries.  Every word of this book was hard-won through decades of serious magical practice and it shows.  Some definitions may seem conventional while others will shock you and make you reassess your previous understanding.  That gift alone makes this work a worthy investment.”

Chris Grabarkiewctz, USA


  • Paperback £12.99 || $22.95
  • Apr 27, 2012. 978-1-84694-462-8.
  • eBook £6.99 || $9.99
  • Apr 26, 2012. 978-1-84694-807-7.
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