Melusine Draco considers Revealing The Green Man

Oct 17th, 2016 | By | Category: Articles, Book Reviews

jhp56fbd3f9d33d5A good book on this subject has been a long time coming … and using recent archaeological and historical discoveries Mark Olly reveals the development and existence of the Green Man and what his image represents to humankind – “an almost lost dark religious thread running throughout time and still underpinning the very supports of our ‘civilized’ society.”

Magical and mystical traditions are full of metaphor and similes, sigils and symbols that act as a kind of mystical shorthand, and the more familiar we become with this arcane language the wider our perspective of what these age-old images represent. The author takes us on roller-coaster ride through history in an attempt at pulling all these threads together in order for us to understand that the Green Man isn’t a stand-alone image from the northern European traditions, but a universal one.

As the author himself writes: “This book is not intended to be a complete and final work in itself; there are far too few words here to completely do the subject matter justice. Rather it is intended as a pointer to further research. It is up to you, the reader, to explore, investigate, and most of all experience, that which constitutes the Green Man, underpinning nature wherever you may find him – or wherever he chooses to reveal himself, if you know what to look for?”

Melusine Draco: author of the Traditional Witchcraft series.

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