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Lorna Smithers is a poet and philosophy postgraduate living in Penwortham in Lancashire. Her practice as a Bard involves communing with the land, spirits of place and local and personal deities, and sharing inspiration in her communities locally and on-line. Her poem ‘Proud of Preston,’ an address to the city by Belisama, the goddess of the Ribble, won the Preston Guild Poetry Competition in 2012.  Her work has been published in The Dawntreader, Myths Inscribed and Heroic Fantasy Quarterly. She performs regularly in and around Preston as part of 5Poets. Her poetry pages can be found at

‘Where your heart is, there will your treasure be,” – Pistis Sophia
Most majestic maiden in all of Britain,
Secret of the waters, soulful and wise,
Walking between worlds and lovers every
Treasure of nature lies locked within her eyes.
Undying source of all desire, two deadly
Rivals fight each May Day for her troth.
Locked in Llud’s ramparts beneath the water
She views their distant strife as mist-soaked art.
When their furious fight puts an end to time
Her final words make peace twixt war-torn hearts.

My name is Lesley Lightbody (Raven Willow Rune) I am a mother, wife, grandmother and Witch. I am a team leader at Kitchen Witch School of Natural Witchery I take my Craft very seriously, but I do like to have fun with it as I feel that honouring the Goddess and Gods is a celebration and should be joyful.

May day brings a startling sight
Lambs all giddy, skip with delight
Bees are buzzing around the flower
Bunnies hopping in and out the bower

The God and Goddess now are one
The time for mating has now come
The days grow longer, a shorter night
Time to bask in the Sun king’s light

Join in the fun, dance and sing
Forget the cares that worries bring
Now is the time to leap the fire
And attain what you truly desire

Wicker men are set up high
Burnt to send wishes to the sky
May Queens paraded through the town
White hawthorn flowers adorn the gown

Dancing round the maypole faster
Children prone, in fits of laughter
Ribbons of red and of white
Symbolism of the sacred rite

Beltane brings the passion to grow
To reap the benefits of seeds we sow
Beltane blessings to each one
Blessings from the God of Sun

Dorothy Abrams, known as Anemone Webweaver in the magickal community has practiced and taught Witchcraft, paganism, and core shamanism since 1984. Co-founder of the Web PATH Center, a pagan church and teaching center near her home in Clyde, New York USA, Dorothy has served as priestess and teacher weaving the Web of community among local pagans as they celebrate the solar and lunar sabbats.

Ode to the Ancestors 
Voices claim me. I am bound
By their past and present identity.
And the images I found
In Grampa’s cluttered dusty attic.
Their grace I hear, uncertain static
Masks the words, hides clarity.

Isaac and his wife were ghosts
Who offered health and love too soon. 
But I became a fever’s host,  
Because I banished them in fear,
Found illness costs me half a year
Confined inside my childhood room. 

When I sought out my psychic gifts,
Louisa’s portrait changed her face
And bears to boars or wolfs would shift;
Shaped shadows hid within her dress
Each one a different fear expressed.
Until my pulses ceased to race.

But once my fears were neutralized
More family spirits came to call,
Their bloodline ties I recognized
Support me upright til I find
Their loving wisdom in my mind,
And built my soul a bearing wall

Daianeara Topaz Waters.
I have been practicing Wicca since the age of 16 when my stepmother started to teach me. I currently live in Ohio and run my own pagan craft business, Fantasy Creations by Daianeara. I have two beautiful little girls..and i am the high priestess of the coven, Cave of the River Nyx

Three Women-
The maiden, ever young, wild and uninhibited.
She yearns for the knowledge and seeks experience.
She is fresh and pure in thought and beauty.
She is the essence of what she will become.
The mother, older, wiser, ripe with fruit she will bare into this world, alluring.
She is the giver of life, the nurturer.
She is confident in her beauty inside as well as out.
She is the embodiment of what she was, and what she will become.
The crone, old, knowing , aged like a fine wine.
She dispells mysteries of long ago times.
She is the eternal teacher of the earth, peace and the old ways.
She is the bringer of sweet death, rebirth, and transformation from one life to the next.
She has the power to make the circle complete.
All seperate they are lost.
Together, though, the are the cycle of life. woman eternal. 
The are power, strength, of the sacred earth, goddesses in their own right, servant to no man, sacred priestess to serve their heavenly mother.
The are the Maiden, the Mother, the Crone.
Three women we as women will get to intimately know each one ..and we are better for it to embrace each and every one.

She comes in all four forms and rides each one with glory.
She is the never ending wave of water crashing upon the shore.
Spraying you with her love and knowledge in the salt mist upon you.
She is the yielding soft earth beneath your feet.
Carrying you to where you have to be in life.
She is the fierce fire that if not taken seriously can end life, only to recreate it better than before..
She is the caressing sing-song winds that blow.
Only to remind you that she is there to gently push and pull you along on your journey.
She is one and of all the elements, they are hers.
She embodies them all and gives them and herself as gifts to remind us that we are a part of her, from her..from the earth..we are her children.
Children of water, earth, fire and air.
We are all one..we are spirit!

Liz Godfrey: I grew up in Cambridge Springs, PA moved to Pittsburgh, PA.  I graduated from Thiel College in Greenville, PA.  It was at Thiel; that I first realized that what I believed had a name.  A friend had written a term paper on Witchcraft and Wicca.  It was then that I realized that I was a Witch, and that was in 1995.  Since that time, I have gone through various phases of my learning, currently I am on the Celtic and Druid paths.  Life is so very wonderful, and each day is a moment in which we can bring light to others.

The heart sings to all to see,
What was one will now be we.
Perfect love and trust we give to thee
Circling upon the sacred tree.
Wondrous worlds there shall be.
What was hidden has been set free.
So doth will it so mote it be.

The Holy Light
Holy days of doth we know
Light that does now show.
Embraced by divine love so true
Teaching your children the virtue.
Children of the Light doth do sing
The Love of all we do truly bring.
Laughter brings whole of heart
Love so very true from the start.
Blessed are the ones of the Tree
Born of the Light that doth does free.

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