March Poems

Mar 8th, 2014 | By | Category: Martin Pallot

March….the year is gathering momentum……..The light lengthens infinitesimally and inexorably……and the tipping point will soon be reached where day outweighs the night.

The deosil dance of the waxing year,
Brings the seed to birth,
As warmth drives out old winter’s fear
And melts the heart of earth.

Raise up the lord of all that’s green
And give him room to breathe,
Let him wake from winter’s dream
To bless the budding leaves.

Let the maiden see her love
And greet him with a kiss,
Let them twine in oaken grove
To bring each other bliss.

Let earth and sun and wind and rain
Be fertile in their way,
As spring reclaims her old domain,
And life comes out to play.

Old brown lop eared one,
Spring is shaped
Within your form
And march wind madness.

Stubble stag jack,
Carrying full moon
Lunacy in the gleam
Of your eye.
Getting punch drunk
On summer’s promise.

You run around
The flat lands of our future,
A whirling dervish;
Delivering dreams.

A hare runs athwart the hill.
The moon is bright above the bay,
Breasting through
The silver waves of night.
The tide is turning,
Rolling in towards the shore,
White horses, galloping
Towards the longest day.

Bright Blessings,

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