Magick is as Magick Does

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A Witch is a curious being, a wide-eyed wanderer who looks beyond what is before, and extends an arm out to mystery.

They are daring and discerning, becoming the spell they seek before deciding on an herb or a color or a sound. They are the one who calls out with a voice that can be heard across the realms, recognized for its truth, its clarity, and its trust.

To become magick, to become the energy of becoming.

I don’t remember when I did my first spell, though I imagine it was a love spell because…those were the ones that seemed so important in the beginning. I wanted to make sure love would find me, that love would stay with me, and yet…

I can recall a time when I crafted a spell to keep a lover with me, if it was in their best interest. I called out to the godds, unnamed to me at the time, and asked for their blessing, their guidance, and their grace.

I was alone.

I didn’t have fancy tools or herbs. I didn’t look at a book. I said what was in my heart, what my deepest desire was. And I made a sort of prayer as only a former Catholic might do. Because it’s what I knew. Because it’s what I did anyway.

When the time came, I said the words and etched them in my bones.

It was simple. It was direct. It did not have a time limit or container — though I’m pretty sure ‘now’ was implied.

And I let go.

Fast forward to 20 years later. I’ve read more books. I’ve practiced more. I’ve done things that didn’t work — and some things that worked out…differently.

Today’s spellwork looks like:

  1. Clarification — What do I want to have happen? No really, what do I really want?
  2. Embodiment — What does this feel like in my body? What does it smell like, taste like, move like in my body? I feel into the spell until it feels like it’s already happened or it’s already happening or it’s just outside the door and waiting to come in.
  3. Symbolism — What is a concrete thing that can hold the intention? What is the sympathetic magick I can do? For example, when I wanted to go to a certain place, I covered myself in symbols of it and ate food from the culture.
  4. Silence — I let everything become quiet enough to formulate what else needs to happen.
  5. Wandering — I move around the space I’m in to allow my intuition to guide what needs to happen next. A song? An altar? A paper with the intended outcome?
  6. Timing — I try to do magick by the moon, waning or waxing, new or full. What do I want to grow or dissipate?
  7. Trust — I do what I think is right for the spell. And I let it do what it needs to do.
  8. Silence — I don’t talk about the spell until it’s come into being or a moon cycle has passed. Or I never talk about it. Ever.

Magick is as magick does, after all. The doing is the thing. The daring is the thing.

(And about that love spell — yes, it worked.)

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