Magical Things I Did This Beltane

May 16th, 2018 | By | Category: Articles

Magic comes to us all in different ways, from a whisper on the wind to the greatest transformative experience. This Beltane was a relatively quiet affair with family, so today I’m reflecting on how magic came to me this May Day. These are the things that changed me in ways big and small, or simply made me laugh, sigh, gasp or be grateful.

  • I took the children for a walk in the sudden sunshine.
  • I was high-fived by a cherry tree. It’s true. Ask my seven-year-old; he thought it was hilarious.
  • I explained tree moss to the seven-year-old, who initially thought (and hoped, I think) it was slime.
  • I came within a couple of inches of the first swift of the season, as it swooped right past us then disappeared into cloudless blue.
  • Discovered the delicious, gunky unctuousness of black garlic.
  • Sang.
  • Held my loved ones close.
  • Danced.
  • Ate and drank well and left some for the others.
  • Left offerings where they were required.
  • Made music.
  • Paused, breathed, remembered I’m a part of the world, as important as any other part.

I must remember to do this more often; to reflect on the little things that make everyday life a magical, mysterious, magnificent experience.

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