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jane meredithWhat one item do you find most enabling in your Paganism?

Go to a Pagan event and you’ll often see a wide array of objects for sale. Many books suggest things you can use to help you in your practice.  I asked the Moon Books authors what they use, and there was a wonderful array of answers.

Robin Herne: My ogam staves. I’d like to say my mythology books, but that’s really a whole shelf of items rather than a singular object.

Nimue Brown: For me its walking boots. They are my essential kit for getting places, and being in landscapes, and walking is a bit part of how I connect spiritually. I’d be hard pushed to do it without them.

Laura Perry:  For me, it’s my garden, which I work in with bare hands – no gloves. I have a need, almost a craving, to be literally in touch with the earth. It’s not just my biosphere and the physical embodiment of the Great Mother; it’s also the place all my ancestors are buried – their bodies are a part of it, so it’s my history and the focus of my spirituality as well. I much prefer to be outside, in any kind of weather, for rituals and spellwork.

Mabh Savage: I tend to spend a great deal of time and thought working on a particular object, such as my willow staff, and while it is growing and changing it is most important to me. Once I feel it is ‘done’, complete and whole, then I move onto a new focus, which can be anything from creating and charging a particular incense, to working on a patch of my garden. So I feel enabled by being hands on and creating new objects or spaces; by transformation and change, and the pride in a job well done.

Brendan Howlin: My druid robes, they actually do help the shift from the everyday world to the spiritual……hmm, maybe I shouldn’t have said that!

Kenn Day: My fedora. Many might not see it as a “pagan item”, but its the closest I come to ritual garb these days, and it is part of my shamanic persona.

David Salisbury: Athame. When I was first trained in the Craft, my teacher told me “your knife is your most important witch-tool.” The reason being, to be an effective magic-worker, my will must be as sharp as a knife’s edge, but cunning and smooth enough to cut accurately and without hesitation. The metal forged in flame, to mirror my soul’s eternal transformation.

Simon Stirling: I have a small stone – Iona marble, found and carved on the Isle of Iona by a guy I used to know – which I wear around my neck every day (Iona marble is supposed to protect you from shipwreck, etc.). And whenever I leave the house, I put another stone in my pocket (it has the image of a dog on it, which I associate with courage and surefootedness). So they’re very important to me

Romany Rivers: I am not sure if I have a particular physical object that is enabling per se, I am a work-with-what-I-have kind of person. That said, I wear a small silver star given to me by a stranger after my dedication and it is a constant reminder of my path, my presence, and the interconnectedness of us all.

Dorothy L. Abrams: A fist sized hunk of malachite used for healing. It actually belongs to my partner Eric but we both use it for healing, ourselves and others.

Jeri Studebaker: Trees.

Sheena Cundy: My Tarot cards. One of the most insightful and powerful, magical tools in a Witch’s tool kit.

Lorna Smithers Can legs be one item? – They get me to the physical places I want to visit. If it could be physically located I’d say my imagination. That connects me to the spirit world and the gods. I guess tools are just an extension of mind and body?


For some of the authors, objects are not so critical, and something more conceptual is used instead.

Elen Sentier: It’s actually my name

(We’re clearly going to have to try to persuade Elen to expand on this, although given the personal and magical issues around naming, this tantalising bit may be all we get… watch this space…)

Cat Treadwell; Sort of a concept, but a powerful Thing as well: the freedom to be curious, to explore. Ideas and realities

Morgan Daimler: If we are talking physical items, while I love lots of items I use in the end I don’t *need* any of them so I can’t think of any one that I’d say is the most enabling to my religion. If we’re talking non-physical I’d go with “connection” hand’s down, because that feeling of connection is really the cornerstone to so much….

Rachel Patterson: No physical object – my intuition and imagination – my inner power

Harmonia Saille: This is not easy to answer, and there isn’t a short one really for me. It’s not a physical object as such, but just being out in nature helps me connect spiritually (and for outdoor hedge riding). This is the most effective way for me. For journeying (indoors), which is a large part of my practice, then it’s several things to help me connect, such as my runes, home-made incense, drumming, rattling etc. But not a single item. If I could only keep one item (the rest were taken away), then it would be my runes I would keep.

Yvonne Ryves: Mine isn’t a physical object either as such, as although I have them as they are useful to work with, like others I don’t actually need anything except for myself to be fully present. I suppose if you asked what physical object I found most useful then I’d have to say my rattle which I often use in shamanic healing.

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