Magical food: A honey jar spell

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Magical Food Spells

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You can incorporate food into lots of spells; most people have food of some sort during ritual anyway so bring it into your spell work.

Most of us at one time or another eat magical food without evening know it, we eat specific foods at celebrations such as wedding or hand fasting cake, a bit boozy fruit cake at Yule and chocolate eggs at Ostara we have probably all blown out the candles on a birthday cake and made a wish – all magical foods.

When you are cooking with an intent in mind it is so simple to work that intent into your food whether it is via visualisation or adding in herbs and spices that correspond with your intent.

Below is a very traditional type of bottle spell. It is basically a jar or even a box that has a sweet liquid inside, you then add your magical ingredients, such as connections to the person if you are directing it towards a particular individual, herbs and maybe a written charm on a piece of paper. This is all topped off by dressing a candle with a corresponding conjure oil and then the candle is burnt on top of the jar. You can use honey as the sweet liquid or you can use granulated or cubed sugar as well just as effectively, but if you use granulated or cubed sugar you might want to dissolve it in water first to make a syrup.

A Honey Jar Spell to Sweeten a Person

If there is a person who needs their personality sweetened, or you want to make them like you more, or you perhaps want a raise in your job and need to ‘sweeten up’ your boss, this is the trick to work.

What you need:

A jar with a metal lid

Honey, syrup or sugar

Slip of paper and a pencil

Personal items such as hair or nail clippings

A candle

Dressing oil

Fill your jar with your chosen sweetener. Then write the person’s name on the slip of paper; write it out three times, each time on a separate line. Then turn the slip of paper around clockwise a quarter turn and write your own name three times, each time on a separate line.  What you should have now is your names crossing each other.

On the space around the names, write down your wish; be specific. Write it around the edge of the paper so that it forms a circle around the names. This needs to be written without taking your pencil or pen off the paper and needs to be written in a continuous flow without any spaces. Make sure you join up the first and last words so that they form a circle. When you have done that you can go back and dot any ‘i’s and cross any ‘t’s if you wish.

Once that is done fold the paper towards you and then speak your wish out loud. Turn the paper and fold it again, keep doing this – turning and folding towards you – to bring your wish to you until you can’t fold it any more.  If you want to add herbs or personal items to the spell, add them inside the piece of paper before you fold it, you could add rose petals for love, a clove for friendship or a piece of hair. Be creative and go with what feels right for you.

When you are ready, you will need to eat three spoonfuls of the honey, syrup or sugar. As you eat each one, state your wish out loud.  Then put the folded piece of paper into the jar and close the lid.

Next dress your candle with an oil of your choice. You can also correspond the colour of your candle with the intent of your working. Then put the candle on top of the jar lid. You might need to pop a few drops of melted candle wax on the lid first to fix the candle in place.

Light the candle and let it burn fully. You don’t have to burn it all in one go, but make sure you eventually burn it right out. Burn it on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday until it is done. You can keep this spell working by adding a new candle to the lid each time one burns right out until your desire is fulfilled.

The honey jar spell will work very well without the addition of a candle, but I find it adds more oomph to the trick and gets things working faster and is more powerful in the long run, but it is a personal choice.


Taken from A Kitchen Witch’s World of Magical Food

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Photo by Chinh Le Duc on Unsplash

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