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LukeBack in 1994 I recorded my first record as main performer and songwriter in a strange, psychedelic dance/dub act called Children Of Dub. This was released in 1995 and reached no. 21 in the Melody Maker UK chart. This song was called Nemesis and on the cover was some spiel I wrote about environmental destruction and the Earth paying us back for our stupidity. It’s now twenty years since that first record was released and everything has changed. I now have hardly any hair instead of long hair; I write books instead of making records; I work on the land instead of sitting at a computer. More importantly, during those twenty years the number of people in the world has exploded, while the number of animal and plant species has declined catastrophically. Awareness of our destructive behaviour has increased, but so too has our production of oil, gas, coal, metals and all the ‘stuff’ that we make in order to live modern lifestyles. The planet is also beginning to react, with massive shifts in weather and increasing volcanic and earthquake activity.

To mark the twenty years since the record and the sentiments behind it, I’ve made a 2 hour film which is set to 19 (Children Of Dub) songs, joined together as one long continuous soundtrack. The film is basically an homage to life here on Earth, spinning through a larger world of the cosmos. My own footage is shot in Ireland, UK, India, Mexico and USA, interwoven together with stock footage that is either from around the world, abstract or outer space. This film is not going to reverse twenty years of continued destruction or miraculously change hearts and minds, but I hope it will remind people of how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful place and that is worth making some effort to keep it that way.

‘Ambient: A Cosmic Journey In Sound & Vision’  by Children Of Dub, directed by Luke Eastwood is available on Amazon or from

There’s a special price of £6.99 on Amazon until 30th Sept for anyone that’s interested in buying a copy.

More information about Luke’s books can be found here.

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