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Psychologist and magician Philip Carr-Gomm has created a fabulous online course called Lessons in Magic.  It is based on his 2017 book, Lessons in Magic: A Guide to Making Your Dreams Come True. (See my review of the book in the blog entry for 31st October 2018.)  This course is a natural extension of the book, expanding and elaborating the topics. 

The course consists of seven lessons.  After the first two orientation lessons, it follows the chapter structure of the book.  The lessons are released once per week, but one can take as long as desired to complete each lesson. 

While text, audios, and videos are integrated throughout, each lesson begins with a video talk by Philip.  For me, this is my favorite part of the course.  They are recorded in the library of his house, so it feels like a visit.  Key points are emphasized here.  These talks are unscripted, lending to the feeling of studying with a master magician in his home.

Learners and graduates of the course also have access to a private Facebook group called The Private Magicians’ Club.  This proved to be an unexpected highlight for me.  Included here are videos where Philip further augments and (delightfully) free associates to the course material.  As of this writing, Philip is planning to lead a Private Magicians’ Club retreat sometime next year in 2019.

The first lesson includes a survey of all the different categories of magic, and it orients the course to a type of practical magic called the Magic of Making.  Specifically, the focus is upon realising your dreams.  This course was a dream come true for Philip and is, infectiously, a project of love.  I recommend this course for anyone wishing to live a more magic-filled life.

The course may be found at https://philipcarr-gomm.teachable.com/p/lessons-in-magic.

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