June Poem

Jun 3rd, 2014 | By | Category: Lorna Smithers

 Lorna SmithersLorna Smithers is a poet and philosophy postgraduate living in Penwortham in Lancashire. She writes poetry inspired by the Bardic Tradition about nature, local history and British mythology and performs regularly in around Preston. In 2012 she won the Preston Guild Poetry Competition. Her poems have been published in The Dawntreader, Heroic Fantasy Quarterly and Myths Inscribed. ‘From Peneverdant,’ her Bardic poetry blog can be found here: http://lornasmithers.wordpress.com/Half bitten moon cries a waning scream.



Take Wing My Queen 
We are the bees of the invisible.
We wildly collect the honey of the visible,
to store in the great golden hive of the invisible.’

Let us depart my queen,
sisters kiss farewell to the flowers.
Sink your long tongues
into the obituaries of stamens,
one last taste, forsake the namelessness
of this world ruled by drones.

She who builds creatively
finds no nourishment in nectar grown
on the ramparts of technology,
in the cracks of mechanical arms
snatching endlessly
at the noctilucent hive of the unknown.

Hives empty, baskets heavy,
bearing honey on furred bodies
to a sanctuary of wax and comb,
invisible wisdom to hum
until meadow flowers
recall sweet songs again,

take wing my queen, let us be gone.

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  1. martin pallot says:

    I love the ideas and images in this…and the words…. ‘the obituaries of stamens’…..’invisible wisdom to hum’ and ‘noctilucent’ Love it !!

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