July Poems

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tiffany chaney photoTiffany Chaney is an artist and writer residing in North Carolina, USA. She holds a Bachelor of Arts   in creative writing from Salem College and is Founding  Editor of Recto Verso Review, serving as Art Editor of Thrush Press. Her poetry collection Between Blue and Grey (2012) can be requested at any book retailer or purchased at Amazon.com.



When A Christian Kissed A Pagan  
Your lips stop signals from satellites
and answer questions I have never raised.
I have found God, again, in the tender
trade, giving, releasing, protective.

I carry your scent on me. So now
you may find me deep in the forest
wet with green decay and longing.
You may have tasted the Goddess in me.

I cannot answer your questions, or dream
even, that you see my perspective on divinity:
Taste passion, pregnant life, heart beating

against you, and my pulse is blessed
with belief as my teeth engrave a more
ancient type of theology on your neck.
The Goddess requires you to remember

a time drumming in your blood, when
both God and Goddess watched us.
Had many names, even when we picked
one patron or matron over the others.

It’s what children tend to do when they
want something or get into trouble.
So let us read with our lips as the blind
would, witness the liturgy of the wild wood.

Harmony for the Flower Fiddler
Flower Fiddler
strikes the path
with her bow,
singeing the way
in the tall grass.
Sensuous beauty
fear not the touch
of the soft soles
of your feet against
brambles and wayward
roots of the tree, play
the breeze through
the leaves and let
the wild strawberries
hidden in the grass
be the balm for bitten
lips. You will kiss again.
You will touch another
hand with your bright way
of being and recognize
the drummer matching
your steady heartbeat.
Beauty hidden among
the brambles and thorns,
play that wild melody.
We hear you. We see you.
You are sacred and silken,
shining as you sip up the sun.

We Three Graces
after all, we attended Grace Court
and partook of fresh rain drops
falling from the leaves above us
three spiraling sisters, feel us,
hear us, name us not

our hair braided Celtic knots of
red, brown, and black among the clovers
triune attuning to the earth drum,
scrying the skies and weaving the clouds
we combed twigs and brambles from
the thick raven wings of our sister’s hair
inside the gazebo, the sanctuary
in the heart of the city

one of us cartwheeling
teaching the squirrels acrobatics
one of us singing the song
of the robin calling back its lover
one of us seemingly idle
hearing the cases of our wild kin
each of us dancing
the heart rhythm

we three Graces
are the pulse of the arrow
as it releases from the bow
we three Graces
are the sacred silence beneath
the hum of interstate traffic
the imprints of our resting
bodies nested beds beneath the oak
and how we quiver the lightening
feel us
and how we sound the thunder
hear us
igniting will in your veins

we three Graces danced the winds
the fresh rain drops
their seemingly suicidal
fall to the ocular orb, reborn
every storm cloud,
oak knot to curvy leaf
to blinking eye

feel us, hear us
do not seek us
we three
will attend again

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  1. I loved the lines ‘So let us read with our lips as the blind / would, witness the liturgy of the wild wood’ and ‘Three Graces’ is outstanding. I bought ‘Between Blue and Grey’ a couple of months ago and admire the way you weave spirituality and the otherworldly with the emotion and sensuality of this world.

  2. trevor says:

    Lorna, yes you’re right, Tiffany is an extraordinary poet. I first read When A Christian Kissed a Pagan a few months ago… the opening lines “Your lips stop signals from satellites / and answer questions I have never raised.” Incredible. I was really pleased when she said she’d share her poetry with us.

    • Tiffany Chaney says:

      Thanks, Trevor! I’m impressed by the excellent body of work Moon Books publishes and am happy to be a part of this great community as your resident poet.

  3. amen says:

    go on and just
    cry me a river

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