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July, we’re really into Summer now. How I used to yearn for July to come around as a youngster as it was the beginning of the school holidays. Six whole weeks of blissful lie ins, and a nightmare for my parents. How those days used to stretch out before us. Now it seems as though the days, weeks and months are on some mad race and as adults we’re all scrabbling to catch up.

As I type this at the end of June we’ve just had a spell of dry weather, followed by humid and sticky days. We’re now longing for rain to break this cycle of close weather. Though if we get rain now the garden is going to really take off and the lawn mower will be pushed to its limit.
I’m pleased to say that most days the garden is alive with the sounds of buzzing bees. We’ve been told they are on the decline, but up here in the Highlands they appear to be doing quite well. I’ve seen many butterflies too, Red Admirals and Cabbage White are the most common in our garden.

We keep an area of the garden completely wild. Its just beyond the washing line and blurs the line from our garden to the field behind the cottage. Farmer Andrew has planted winter barley and peas in that field and already it is a lush green colour. The long grass in this area sways beautifully in the wind and moves like waves on the water. Wild flowers illuminate the greeny darkness, bright spots of yellow, white and pink sparkle with life. The bees, butterflies and small birds love this area, and its always very busy with visitors. Even the ratty family have been spotted out there peeking out from the grasses.
Talking of the ratty family we have been attempting a relocation plan for them, only they are quite clever and are avoiding the traps despite tasty treats being left inside. At present all we’ve caught are some over nosy sparrows. I know our landlord would be only too happy to bring in the Rat Catcher but he would just put down poison. I believe all life is scared, and I wouldn’t dream of hurting them in such a dreadful way. I’m not a huge fan of wasps, however I couldn’t bring myself to harm them if they had a nest nearby. I believe we have all right to co-exist. Just because we are human, and have more resources to hand to be “rid” of things we consider a nuisance doesn’t mean we should if it would cause them harm. Perhaps some would consider me a softy, I have to say I don’t see that as bad thing.

Another sign of my being a “softy” is my friend, Mr Seagull who I believe is a chick that fell from the nest. I helped feed him when quite small until he could fly away. Some in my office objected saying that the gulls are a pain, a nuisance, however I see it as a small spirit who struggled into this world and deserves it’s chance to make a difference. To feel the sun, rain and wind on its face, be it furry or feathered. To live and let live if it harm none, a simple thing surely? Though saying that some do not afford this to one another let alone anything in the natural world.

July is my last month of normality. I will be having a life changing operation on the last day of the month and after that its eight weeks of recovery. During that time I won’t be in a position to take care of myself and will require help for most of it. I am not one of your more natural patients. I am a “doer”, and as such having someone, anyone, take care of me will be difficult. To have to “ask” for help will be a struggle. But I will learn a lesson by this, humility and patience. To be taken care of on this level will be a humbling experience. Never take your health for granted m’dears, you never know when it may be taken from you.
While in hospital I will miss Lammas or Lughnassadh at the beginning of August. Its a Celtic festival, traditionally it marked the beginning of harvest that would continue till Samhain. I would love to make bread to celebrate, but unfortunately I won’t be able to. I love the start of harvest, a time to reflect on the summers rich goodness which helped produce the food we eat. How many of our ancestors would have gone out on the land in years gone by to help bring in the bounty of the fields? A time to celebrate and give thanks. Maybe even in the past there were sacrifices offered up to the Gods for a good harvest that year, and maybe they could have been of the bloody variety. Was life cheap back then? Would it have been an honour to be chosen, or a curse? There’s me, unable to harm even the smallest of creatures, and yet our ancestors in the far and distant past would have offered up a human life to the Gods. When I yearn for a return of some of customs and ways of old, that is one I am glad is left behind, that we have moved on from.

So m’dears, may I wish you a blessed Lammas and a joyful July, and may the summer be blessing you with some seasonal weather. 

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  1. Highland Hedgewitch says:

    M’dears please excuse the layout, me thinks Facebook scrambled it when I sent it to Moon Books. Plus there are one or two typo’s which you can blame on me and my fuzzy head thanks to the anemia.


  2. as always i have enjoyed the writing of Highland Hedgewitch. ur page is wonderful. thank u

    • Highland Hedgewitch says:

      Dear Donna thank you for your kind comments, I’m glad you enjoyed this months offering. Its blisteringly hot now almost halfway through July, Summer has at last arrived in all her glory.

  3. LaDawn Young says:

    You always seem to put me right there with you. I loved this!

    • Highland Hedgewitch says:

      Ah well perhaps one day you will be right here, never say never.

      Its a glorious sunny day here today, though too warm sat in my wee office.


  4. Debbie Olsdon says:

    I love reading all that you write. You greatly enhance my days! Wishing you a speedy recovery and ask that you let others help you when needed. It will make them feel needed also. ( darn, I missed the spelling errors and now I will have to go back looking for them!!)

    • Highland Hedgewitch says:

      Thank you Debbie that’s so kind of you. I will attempt to be a good patient, but no promises.

      You won’t have to look far for mistakes lol.


  5. Glennaray Kaier says:

    Once again I was caught up in the magic of your words. They open me up to the wonder of life.

  6. Rebecca Foley says:

    My favorite writer 🙂 Paints a lovely deep picture.I too love Lammas as me n my husband were married on Lammas under a Blue Moon.I love the harvest season!!Happy July!

    • Highland Hedgewitch says:

      Happy Anniversary to you both, how romantic a way to be married. How many years has it been?

      Bless you for your kind comments, I am so grateful it has meant I get to meet so many wonderful people such as yourself through the page and blog.

  7. joanna varnadoe says:

    as always a delight to read.thank you 🙂

  8. Lona Neil says:

    Another lovely word painting of life in the Scottish Highlands. I thoroughly enjoyed it as usual 🙂

    • Highland Hedgewitch says:

      Lona thank you, ah the Highlands are a delight right now, blue sky and blue sea, and not a cloud to be seen. The fields are lush green and Summer is blessing us with her bounty.

  9. Karen Heck says:

    I always enjoy your posts. Remember, there will come a day to each of us that we must ask for help as well as accept it when it’s offered. That’s life. Peace and blessings to you!

    • Highland Hedgewitch says:

      Thank you Karen, you’re so right. Life has so many lessons left to teach us, some come easier than others.
      Bright blessings to you and yours too x

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