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yvonne ryvesAs we go through life we develop connections. If we could see these connections we would understand that the invisible matrix which connects each and every one of us to all that exists, is completely real, accessible and available for us to tap in to and work with. If we know how to tap in to these connections they can become teachers for us and bring us guidance and insight often in completely unexpected ways. 

Working with the web and web cards that are part of Shaman Pathways Web of Life, means, if I choose to be, I can always be aware of who I am working with and where I am in my life at any given time. This is a great way of making sense of what is going on for me and sometimes can stop me wasting time and energy trying to make something happen when it would just be better to wait a little and be patient. 

I do have a tendency though to look at my web to gain insight after I become aware of things in my life, rather than to see what may be ahead. This suits me as I like surprises and would hate to know what is really ahead of me. If I ever have a reading with anyone I always say that I don’t wish to know the future. Living in the moment is exactly what is right for me.¬†

Last month when I wrote my blog I was working with Autumn. In the past few weeks I have been aware that although things have been moving for me in some ways, in others I am still very static. This is not unusual as within our lives we have many circles or spirals occurring simultaneously, perhaps one for life in general, one for work, one for a project and so on. Some may be moving, others still or there may be movement of which we are unaware. 

Today I decided it was time to see where I am and who I am working with at the moment, not for a project but on my life path. Working with my pendulum as a form of divination I discovered I am working with Bear, not only that but between last month and this I have also been working with Earth. This actually makes sense of a lot of things for me. There has been movement, the wheel is turning but in a way that takes me deeper into the stillness. 

In this current stage of the life plan I drew up for myself using my web, Autumn is a teacher of the South West, but for me Earth and Bear are both teachers of the West. For me the West is a real place of stillness, of hibernating and going within. This doesn’t mean a time of not doing anything, far from it, but it is a time of being with myself, of getting to know who I am now, what I need and then allowing myself to nourish and nurture myself. It is if you like, a time of being selfish which in my books is a good thing because it means being aware of and putting my own needs to the fore.¬†

With both Earth and Bear as teachers though, I recognise that I am in a place of extended hibernation. Earth has been reminding me this month to ground myself, set deep roots and  build firm foundations. This is essential so that any growth or development in the time ahead is built on something solid not on sand. Earth energy is also the energy that feeds us on a physical level. It nourishes us and if we are listening helps us to be mindful of our physical needs. 

It is Earth that has been working with me for most of the past few weeks and it is no surprise that during this time I have joined a drum circle, drumming not with shamanic drums but with djembe. Any form of drumming helps to ground us, to bring us firmly into the physical. The beat of any drum is the closest sound to our own heartbeat and so it brings us to the centre of ourselves. The big difference between shamanic drumming and djembe is that with djembe it is usual to drum in a group whereas shamanic drumming, for me anyway, often, though not always, takes place now when I am on my own. Djembe needs company so when I think about this I can see that one of my needs at the moment is to get out and meet new people, be with friends, have fun, laugh and play. Djembe is giving me all of this and more. 

Bear is a teacher that has only just come in for me. It is not a turn of the wheel but a going deeper into the energy of the West. Bear is often around when I need to stop. It is the animal spirit guide which has been with me since birth for I was also born in the West, in September. For me it is a very important teacher. In the past Bear has stopped me from a tendency to run before I can walk, helping me to be considered, not to rush into things. As yet I am unsure of why I need to stop but I understand completely that I must for if I fail to listen the Universe will find other ways to stop me. It is far better to listen to guidance than to be given no choice. 

Sitting and journeying to meet Bear today I was given this message:

Why be in a hurry, there is time for everything which also means there is time for nothing or for just being. A wise person knows that it is beneficial to rest and recuperate from everything life throws at you, humans are the only species that seem to forge this. What is so wrong from an extended ‘time out’? When the body and mind are allowed to rest then there is enough energy available when it is time to move once again.’¬†

Wise words from Bear indeed. 

I decided to choose a web card for insight. I love the power if these cards to give me exactly what I need. And the card I chose? Why Drumming of course! So I am off to drum.

yvonne ryvesYvonne Ryves  is a practicing shamanic healer, shamanic drum maker, holistic therapist and trainer. Yvonne lives in West Cork, Ireland, where she runs workshops and courses on a variety of aspects of energy healing and shamanic work including Reiki, Chios, Munay-Ki, Shamanic Journeying, Pendulum Dowsing and self-development.




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  1. Really love this blog Yvonne. I have felt a very similar message re rest and rushing, which I have been doing but feeling a bit guilty about! Your “bear” message just reaffirmed that which I had been attempting to take on board.
    Thank you, namaste June x

  2. June says:

    I love how you use your web for guidance, and the words of Bear too,
    Keep up with the drumming.
    June x

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