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Paganicon is an American Pagan conference which has now entered its 8th year. Held in Minneapolis, Minnesota by Twin Cities Pagan Pride around the time of the Spiring Equinox, it features workshops, panels, rituals, concerts, a ball, an art gallery, and a packed vendor’s room. This is my second year attending and presenting at Paganicon, and it will likely be an event that is on my permanent schedule year after year.


My 2017 workshops reflected the work I do within Celtic British Tradition: “Reclaiming Blodeuwedd” reframed the tale of the Welsh Flower Maiden who betrays her husband into a myth about a Goddess of Seasonal Sovereignty, while “Fire in the Head: Igniting the Spark of Awen” gave an overview of the mysteries of Awen, and presented both ancient and modern ways to kindle its flame in our lives. Having experience with both sides of the publishing industry, as an author and as a publisher/editor, I was pleased to sit on the “Pagan Publishing” panel with several other authors … and I was able to recommend Moon Books and JHP to aspiring authors several times during the course of the panel. I participated on the “Pagans with Cancer” round table, and in the “Journey to Our Own Personal Otherworld” panel, I talked about the power of personal Shadow work and the need for the Pagan community to examine its collective Shadow. The Sisterhood of Avalon hosted a hospitality room throughout the con, offering food, drinks, and beautiful conversation. I had a book signing at Paganicon as well, and look forward to attending again next year — hopefully with my Pagan Portals “Rhiannon” book there with me for signing!

Here is a photo of the “Personal Underworld Panel” I was on with authors (l) to (r): Tiffany Lazic, (me), Diana Rajchel, and Laura Tempest Zakroff:


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