Jez Hughes talk at Watkins

Mar 7th, 2017 | By | Category: Articles, Books for Shamans

Jez h2Back in February, Moon Books author Jez Hughes did a talk and book signing at Watkins in London. Jez is the author of The Heart of Life – a book exploring shamanic initiation and healing in the modern world. Find out more about the book here –

Happily, Watkins habitually film talks held at the bookshop. those of us who can’t make it to London can catch up online. You can find their channel here –

The ancient path of shamanism, the oldest spiritual healing practice across the world, has still much to teach us in the modern world. In this talk we will explore how this wisdom can assist us in these powerful times of transformation, when much healing is needed. We will focus on the gifts this earth based tradition brings, enabling us to honour and bring healing to ourselves, our ancestors and to the earth. With its focus on ’direct revelation’ and grounded, experiential wisdom; we will explore how shamanism can teach us to get to the heart of what is happening to the world within the chaos and noise of modern existence: To know our place as humans within it, and the role we can play to bring about positive change.



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