Invoking Animal Magic – excerpts

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invokingHere’s a powerful little tale from Hearth Moon Rising’s Invoking Animal Magic:

Once she was a spritely Lass who brought the joy of spring,
but now she was Cailleach, she was old. As she hobbled to
church that sunny morning, she spied berries, sweet berries that
in her childhood she loved. The Cailleach picked the berries
greedily and let the red juice dribble down her beard. Suddenly
she was not Cailleach, she was Serpent.

The spritely Lass who was a Cailleach and now a snake was
monstrously huge. The people leaving church called St. Patrick,
for he was near, and St. Patrick flung holy water on her.
Such a thoughtful gesture, because snakes need water. Where
there had been drops of holy water on her skin, now there were
lakes. The spritely Lass who was a Cailleach and then a Serpent
was now a Lake.

When she rises from that body of water, what form will she
take? Will she be a serpent? A young girl? An old hag? We wait
and wonder and think of her, when the berries are ripe along the

You can read a long excerpt about mouse mysteries here –

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