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Here’s a little bit of seasonal philosophy from Kevan Manwaring’s Turning the wheel. This is an excellent book which explores seasonal celebration in the UK – it’s a lovely mix of folklore, paganism and personal experience.

“I walked a full circle around Solsbury, considering how Yule means ‘wheel’. I came to the turf maze cut by the road protesters, as part of the famous Batheaston Bypass Protest in the 90s, and walked it mindfully (not easy in motorbike boots!), ending with the affirmation: May I walk with love. Whatever happens, hold to your truth, keep centred. I had a hill-top epiphany – don’t be turned by the wheel, be at the centre of the wheel. We can be spun about by all that happens, by the demands of life. At Christmas, the festivities themselves seem to be relentless and one gets swept along, sometimes forced to join in, it seems. It is good to step off the wheel sometimes, rather than repeat these cycles meaninglessly. Up there on the hill I felt such a sense of peace and space. Solsbury hill is so empty – devoid of trees, thanks to the cattle-grazing. Just an enormous sky, a bowl of light. The blank canvas of each moment. We fill our lives with so much clutter, with so much noise and business, but where does it truly get us? Better to live simply and in peace, not striving, not yearning, just being. Living in the now.”

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