In the back of the book

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On a recent visit to the mega-chain bookstore, I picked something up on a whim about magical practices and female empowerment, finding your voice and your fierceness, stuff a person sometimes needs reminding about. Back home, I noticed that the purchase included the promise of access to an online community of women, working for collective goals of personal and social transformation.

I’ve bought other books with similar themes, some within a specific magical tradition and some more general, which also contained links to websites or forums that similarly sounded like active communities, where powerful women meet to support each other and change the world. In each case, when I’ve gone to these sites, all I’ve found is a promotional author page, maybe with information on her other publications, and/or how to book her for workshops. This recent example was published last year, and the given web address redirected to the author’s home page, with no mention of the group promoted in the book.

I don’t mean to come off as judgy, because you know, things happen. The recurrence of this experience, though, tells me that there’s clearly a strong desire for something like this to exist, but there’s also difficulty in making it happen. Some of the problem may be aspirational: writers want to see a movement like this, with their own work as a springboard, but even with good intentions, if it doesn’t take off right away, the idea dwindles before it develops. And maybe it’s the basic problem of capitalism, that these writers understandably need to sell their products and earn a living, and that ends up being a priority over a non-profit collective good — like it usually does.

I wish one of these theoretical communities did exist, or maybe just that I had readier access to it. In real life, there’s a limited population in which to find a meaningful community of any size. Online, there’s a nearly endless population, but it’s also endlessly diffused.  Of course, there are multiple online groups, but none of them I’ve found quite do what these ones promise. So often it seems that my workings are just drops in a vast sea, with little hope of counteracting the things that are wrong. The answer to that probably isn’t to try to create a new community from scratch, or expect someone else to have done it for me. So I’ll try to make better use of the smaller groups I find myself around and within.

Thanks to the hint of light on the cloudy day,
the shifting shade on the sunny day,
the cycle of bright and darkness on the sundial,
through the zodiac,
in the in and out of breathing and heartbeat.

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