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Arthur Hinds, the voice behind Emerald Rose (recently disbanded) and solo artist has recently formed a new trio called the Round Table (Tyler and Amanda Neitz join Arthur).¬† Their debut album is a tribute to Arthur’s wife who passed earlier in 2018. This is a stunningly beautiful and soulful album, a fitting tribute to the love his life.

I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with Arthur a few times over the years, never got the chance to speak with his blessed wife. The first visit was after the release of his Dance in the Fire and again around the release of his Tome of Mysteries, an interpretation of the Mabinogi. I am looking forward to the chance to visit with him and the rest of the trio later this summer.

In Her Name contains ten tracks, each one is an experience of its own. “Sparks”, track one on the album, addresses the unity of spiritualities around the globe. A fitting piece from I know of his wife and himself. A powerful voice that is recognizable to most of the Pagan world, tells us how no matter what our differences, we all burn with the desire to be free and ourselves while still being a part of the Sacred.

“In Her Name”, the title track, is next. Throughout the song you can feel the love and the sorrow that Arthur has for his dearly departed. The host of voices that intone the chant in the song all convey the grief and love, as well. Kathryn, his lovely wife, had an impact on everyone she met. From what I can tell from tributes to her all over the Pagan blogosphere and social media, she was well loved and will be deeply missed.

What strikes me, though, with In Her Name – the song and the whole album – is the hope and dreams that Arthur still has in this life. Losing someone so dear to you is no easy thing. I have watched/read the journey that Arthur and Kathryn were on leading to her passing and the journey to self discovery that Arthur has walked since she passed. It is heart wrenching to read of his struggles, but it is heart warming to see that he faces those struggles head on and perseveres – even through the tears.

There is relief from the heaviness of the theme to this album. “Beltane Comes”, track four, will make you smile. As is fitting for a Beltane song.

I don’t want to fill your screen with track by track reviews and commentary. Suffice to say that if you are familiar with Arthur Hinds, either as part of Emerald Rose or as a solo artist, then you will not be disappointed in this new venture. I know I have enjoyed listening to the album again and again and again.

To the memory of Kathryn Ann Fernquist Hinds – What is remembered lives!

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