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4956When did you first realise you wanted to write?
I started writing diaries and stories as soon as I learned how to write in school (and never stopped).
If you could write full time, would you?
I have no desire to write full time but I would love to spend my every waking hour deep in creative flow.(painting, making music, making films, taking photographs, writing poems). In “everyday reality” I am a shamanic teacher and that is a 24/7 job! But I receive a lot of stimulation and inspiration from teaching shamanism and sacred art to people all over the world!  It is a very fertile space to work in and I love the challenges and rewards.
What’s the worst advice you’ve ever been given about writing?
No publisher will touch a book about using shamanism with children with a barge pole. Writing it will take a year of your life you could spend far better on other things. – I reality Natural Born Shamans took 10 weeks to write and did get published by the first publisher I submitted it to.
And the best advice I ever received (from two friends who are published authors) was: send your manuscript to O Books before you even consider going the self-publishing route! 
How does being an author work with being a parent, partner, significant other…
It is a sacred marriage! My three teenage children especially provide limitless material for books and articles but they also provide a limitless amount of interruptions and conflicting demands on my time. The solution (for me) was learning to stay focused and write right through any number of interruptions – often incorporating whatever a child just brought to my attention as happy inspiration or a whimsical illustration.
This was not unlike mastering the art of doing shamanic journeys with my eyes wide open and while in conversation with children. It is like watching several video screens at the same time (in the control center in my own brain) and a very useful skill to have as a mother/teacher/practitioner/artist/author….
We all like a positive review, but is there anything else in a review that you could get excited about?
I love hearing what people were looking for but didn’t find in my book – that provides great ideas for the next book or an article or blog. I also love hearing what happened when people try suggestions I make (even if this leads to unforeseen results or “happy accidents”).
How do you feel about illustrations in books for adults?
As a painter I love pictures! Just like I love making paintings for book covers. A picture often says more than a thousand words – that is why I could never choose between painting and writing. I will always do both!
What are you hoping someone will ask you to do?
People often ask when my paintings, art films and writing will all be published in one book for people to look at whenever they like. This is something I would love to work on one day: a proper art book about my own paintings with many photograph of sacred art – and a lot of esoteric information about what inspired a particular painting or art film!
Are there any types of writing you know you’d never try?
Many! Horror and fantasy, crime novels, scientific articles…
Part of me would enjoy writing a novel but in reality I think my strength lies in writing books and articles that combine professional knowledge and practical experience with fresh insights. Also offering ancient Mystery School material in a modern, fresh and accessible way with students receiving their own guidance directly from Spirit. My next book will be about that!
What gets you exited about a project?
That indefinable something where my heart starts racing and I know that “I am onto something”, that I will learn a great deal from working on a project, that it will widen my own understanding of a subject up to now. I am not so keen on endlessly repeating or teaching things I have done many times before.
Describe your reading habits.
Always five books on the go at the same time: an upstairs book, a downstairs book, a book in my bag for trains and flights, several reference books and dictionaries open at any one time and a delicious pile of “Read Next” books on the mantelpiece! Oh and of course a Wish List on Amazon…
One “closing comment from a fanatic”:
I LOVE reading books in many languages (I have enjoyed learning about 16 languages in my life so far and I use them all on occasion).  I am a purist about not reading material in translation. Whenever possible I will plough through a text in the original language with a dictionary at hand.  Simply because so incredibly much is lost in translation…..
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