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Deep in the belly of the earth life now stirs
Awakening within and shaking free of ice and snow
The Goddess carries the child of promise within her arms
Trailing light and warmth wherever he goes
Slowly the world awakens from its slumber
Pushing shadows back from long cold night
All around
Life abounds
Reaching out towards the growing light

Imbolc Festival of Light
Welcome to the festival of light
Where springtime lies within our sight
Earth softens and milk flows
Babies are born, seeds are sown
Soon the thaws will flood the streams
And winter becomes the land of dreams
The Crone returns to the land of snow
And all around us light now grows
Hold high your flame, shine your light
Chase back the shadows and shrinking night
Prepare the path for spring to come
And rejoice now in the growing sun!

Romany Rivers is a British Pagan Priestess and a Reiki Master residing in Nova Scotia, Canada, where she offers pagan training and family support to local and online communities. Her award winning holistic centre was the platform for Moon River Wicca, of which Romany is co-founder.

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  1. I like the way light leads a trail through both poems, illumination increasing as sun’s power grows.

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