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I am the author of the healing power of Celtic plants

My second book, Healing Plants of the Celtic Druids, will appear in bookshops and online some time next year.

This time of the year I try to migrate to somewhere warmer, such as India, South East Asia, the Canaries, http://www.wwoofinginthecanaries.blogspot.com travelling on a shoestring, but this year, for some inexplicable reason I decided to stick it out until December. Yesterday I struggled to my allotment through driving rain to plant the last of the field beans, not my idea of fun, not my idea of weather. My wings are fluttering as I prepare for takeoff on the 5th December. I always blog when I travel. Some of my blogs have disappeared but this is the current one:

http://www.thehealingpowerofcelticplants.blogspot.com I blog about healing plants when I’m in the UK and about the amazing places and people I see and meet when I travel.

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