Hekate Devotional Chapter 2

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By Vivienne Moss

At the Crossroads We Meet


I am standing at a crossroads, tendrils of fog caressing me. I call for Her, Hekate, She of the Crossroads.  In the distance I hear the barking of dogs. She has arrived! Shivers of excitement run through my body. I ready myself, knowing that a magnificent journey is about to begin. She gestures to the three pathways of the Crossroads, signifying that I must choose my own way—my own Destiny. On baited breath I take my first step—into the unknown…


In the Scottish Ballad Thomas Rymer, The Queen of Elphame explains to true Thomas the meaning of the Three Paths of Faery.

“O see not ye yon narrow road,

So thick beset wi thorns and briars?

That is the path of righteousness,

Tho after it but few enquires.


And see not ye that braid braid road,

That lies across the lillie leven?

That is the path to wickedness,

Tho some call it the road to heaven.


And see not ye that bonny road,

Which winds about the fernie brae?

That is the road to fair Elfland,

Whe[re] you and I this night maun gae.”


~from English and Scottish Popular Ballads by F.J. Child



The many paths that we may choose to take in life are much the same as those shown to True Thomas. Though some may lead to trouble and conflict, others will lead to love and happiness. It is Hekate, Lady of the Crossroads, who guides us on our chosen paths. Yes, we choose the paths we take, but Hekate is there to shine a light on the choices we make. She is there as a gentle reminder that we are never truly alone, no matter how solitary we choose to be. Hekate, as a Goddess of Solitude, knows all too well why some may choose to walk alone in their spiritual paths.  Knowing She is just a breath away eases my mind and makes me more confident in my decision to walk the solitary path of a Hedge Witch. It is but one of the paths I have chosen to take in this journey called life. As I take a step toward my destiny I know that there is power in wisdom. The wisdom to understand that though I may not know where the path will lead, I trust in my instinct to choose the path I am fated to take.


Hekate, Lady of the Crossroads, as You light the many paths of Destiny I stand ready to step into the unknown. I hear the Screech Owl’s call, luring me in—enticing me with its peculiar cry. Suspended in the twilight air, whispers from the past try to deceive me. Ignoring the pull, I move forward– my Destiny awaits…


Through the Briar Patch


The tangled web of life’s challenges can be overwhelming and solemn. There are many times that I have regretted a choice I have made only to realize that without that particular journey I would not be where I am today nor would some of my loved ones be in my life. Like the Faery-worlds, my life has been both enchanting and peculiar. The land of Shades and Shadows have beckoned for me to walk the path of Solitude, working with the Spirits and Fae of the Dark and Shadowy realms. Though foreboding at times, those of the Shadows-Lands have proven to be beneficial in my spiritual path. It is Hekate, the Night Wandering Queen, who first showed me the Lands of Shadow. A tangled mass of briar patches guard the entrance to the Shadow-Lands, causing those who wish to enter to find their own way through. Coming out with scrapes and bruises is all part of the adventure. The roads to Faery are no different than the roads to Life. It’s how we come out on the other side that matters. Resilient and full of wisdom from the trials we go through show that we are victorious.


Hekate, my Queen, through the Briar Patch I step, ready to walk with You in the Shadow Realms. The glow of Your torches light the way, guiding me as I fight through the tangled briars of my mind. Hekate, Light Bringer, as I clear the webs of deceit from my path I arm myself with the Power of Wisdom. The inky shadows of deception creep into the distant corners of Life, tempting me to stray from Destiny’s Path. Hekate Skotia, Lady of the Gloom, it is You who pulls me from the deep, showing the way to salvation and freedom. Hekate, my Queen, with You by my side I walk the Shadow Realms with integrity and respect, coming through a stronger woman…



Paradise Lost


I stand on the horizon of Eternity waiting for The Dread Goddess to appear. Surrounded by a shroud-like mist, the feeling of vulnerability overcomes me. I take in my surroundings, noticing the distinct scent of decay. There is a death-like feel to the air, causing me to shudder with trepidation. I know She is near, I can feel Her—The Pale Mother. A sense of calm settles over me, wrapping me in its warm embrace. I hear Her soft voice, She whispers the secrets I long to know, revealing what once was…


Seduced by the promise of Paradise, we sometimes turn a blind eye to the darkness that looms over our realm. We long for the days of Eden and Avalon, when our world was pure.  There are those of us who wish to re-enchant this planet we call Earth. What some of us do not realize is that it has always been enchanted, we have just lost the ability to see and feel the magic that lives and breathes alongside us. Paradise is not lost, it is being destroyed by the greed and lust of mankind. When we come to realize that Paradise is still here, still with us, we decide to reclaim this world as our own. We learn to fight for what is right and true. It is when I meet Hekate at the crossroads that I learn what is truly going on in this world. I recognize all the destruction and turmoil that consumes the Realm of the Living. There is more that goes on than we know.   Hekate knows all and sees all, She opens the gate to True-Sightedness. It is at Her Crossroads that we are introduced to the hidden dangers of our world.


There are those who belong in the Brighter Summer-Lands but others, like myself, feel at home surrounded by the grim shadows of the Darker Realms. There is an ethereal tranquility about the Shadow-Lands that call to me. I find solace in the wildness of these lands. It is untamed and free here, full of beauty and splendor. Autumn is ever present, the twilight air chilled to perfection. As the mists of uncanny magic swirl about me I feel empowered and free to be whom I am meant to be. It is here that I reclaim my inner power and employ it in the Living World to fight against the ones who wish to destroy the Worlds, both Mundane and Other. The Shadow-Lands are Hekate’s realm. She who is Queen of Ghosts and Shadows haunts the Darker Realms with the other Under-World Gods and Spirits. This is the Paradise of the Un-Seelie and Spirits of Shadow. Those who hide in the background doing all the dirty work that needs to be done in order for Hekate’s light to shine through to the Land of the Living.


Hekate Noctiluca, Light of the Night, It is You who shines the Light of Truth upon the Land of the Living. Our world would be cast into eternal darkness without Your Unconquerable Flame. Anassa Hekate, Nourisher of Life, I ask You to Guide us, show us the way to Freedom.  Hekate, the Truth is revealed through You my Queen–may I serve You well in the Shadow-Lands…



Down the Rabbit Hole


I follow the serpentine path through Faery only to find myself in an unknown land. The damp air is scented with brine and the crashing of surf can be heard nearby. I’m sure it is near, Hekate’s Cave. It can always be found by the seaside hidden in the Mists of Time. I search for Her dwelling, not sure where to go or in which way to turn. All around me I can hear laughter, mocking me, causing my confusion to escalate.  My heart thrashing franticly, I turn to run, to where I know not. I stumble and fall, landing on my knees. I look up and there She stands. Hekate, cloaked in Her saffron robe. The howling winds whip Her tri-colored hair about Her hooded visage. First black, then red and finally white, Hekate’s hair changes with Her temperaments.  I stand on unstable legs to face Her, bowing my head in reverence. I have been fooled by these strange lands of Faery, pixie-led by my own fear. I look into Hekate’s soulful eyes and vow to overcome my anxieties. With newly opened eyes I find my way to Her Cave…


Walking the path of a Witch is full of twists and turns, learning to navigate them is part of the adventure. I have learned the hard way that letting my fears overwhelm me hinders my ability to connect with the Spirits and Gods. Fear works the same way in the mundane world. I have had to overcome many fearful situations to get where I am today. I have found taking a leap of faith to be both exonerating and exhilarating. Like the Fool in tarot, you sometimes have to trust in yourself and let go.


The Shadow-Lands are full of strange and sullen Spirits. There is a seriousness to their nature, unlike the more playful and trickster types that live in the Brighter Realms. Sometimes called the Seelie and Un-Seelie, these Spirits, or Fae, can help or impede us no matter which court they belong to. I have found Hekate, Queen of Shades and Shadows, to be one of the Queens of the Un-Seelie or Shadow-Folk. There will be some who disagree with me on this, but it is through my workings and conversations with Hekate that I have come to this conclusion. The Un-Seelie, or Dark Fae, are part of the Under-World Kingdom. Much like Alice discovered in Wonderland, the rabbit hole can lead to quite an adventure. Working with the Dark Spirits can be both dangerous and rewarding, but that can be said for almost anything done in life.


There is a certain rebellion that takes place when working with the Dark Spirits and Fae. We are warned against it yet we seek the freedom to explore these darker realms for ourselves. The bizarre obscurity has romanced me and I have fallen in love with the Shadow-Lands, finding my souls path there. It is the perfect place for me, the misfit and wanderer. I have always felt drawn to the supernatural and otherworldly powers that reside within all and feel at home with the Gods and Spirits of the Other-Worlds. The call of Hekate has awakened me, leading me to a life filled with wonder and enchantment. And it all begins at Her Crossroads.


Hekate’s Crossroads are not found in the waking world, they are found betwixt and between worlds. They can be found on the threshold of insanity, where the control and order of this world meet the chaos of the Other-Worlds. It is through trance states that I have found the Crossroads. Spirit flight is no easy task, much care and protection must be taken. Connecting with the child within helps greatly in the preparation for the journey to the Shadow-Lands. There are Flying Ointments that a witch can use to help her in the Spirit Flight. One must find the recipe that works best for them. Many of the herbs and oils used in Flying Ointments are of the baneful nature. One must be very careful in the preparation of these enchanted ointments. To travel to Hekate’s Crossroads I have used herbs sacred to Her in the Flying Ointments and Powders I make.


When I arrive at Her Crossroads I find there to be many paths that lead to numerous destinations. Depending on the work that needs to be done will lead me to the path or journey I choose. There are several realms that can be visited in the Other-Worlds, some beautiful and lovely, others full of terror and insidious creatures. I always make sure to have a connection to the Living World in my hands so I can return when I feel threatened. Just like in “real” life, there can be crazies out there. Learning to know who and what to trust takes time. I have what I call a Spirit Stone that I use for “traveling” It keeps me connected to this world and helps in the transition to the Crossroads. The making of this stone is a sacred act, the symbol I use for many Other-Worldly workings.



I follow You, Hekate, into the unknown. As the Darkness surrounds me, I trust in Your presence, knowing that You, my Queen, will be there to guide and protect me on my journey. The Under-World beckons, its ghostly essence intoxicating. I am enamored by the ethereal splendor of Your court, The Un-Seelie. Hekate, my Dark Queen, know that I am Your warrior, ready to combat the forces that seek to destroy all Realms. As I stand on the threshold of Life and Death, I offer myself to You.



The Hanged Man Awaits



I find Her standing at the Crossroads examining the offerings lovingly laid, ready to feed the poor. A sacrifice is what She is waiting for.  I hear Her ancient voice echo through the ages… “Your sacrifice must be freely offered, and will take strength and determination to give. This will not be easy, sacrifices seldom are. What will you offer, dear child? What do you have to give that I do not already possess? Will it be your life, your passion—your will? Think deeply before you decide. There will be no turning back…”  As the mists of uncertainty surround me, I look acutely within myself. I know what I must offer Her. Hekate awaits…



As I learn to live my life freely, I find that there are sacrifices to be made. I have had to make a sacrifice to myself in order to embrace my sovereignty. My sacrifice? To stop living to please those who I feel I need to impress. To stay true to myself, live for freedom of self with integrity and respect for others. Living for ourselves is one of the hardest things we can do. I personally was concerned with what people in my life thought about me and my spirituality. I let that fear keep me from being true to myself and the Gods and living with grace and independence. What I thought was a safe haven to hide myself was actually a prison of self-doubt that held be back from living the life I dreamed of. Not only the life of enchantment and mystery but my mundane life as well. The fault lies with me and no other. The sacrifice of ego can be a very difficult yet rewarding journey. Escaping the prison of the past has led to the freedom of expression I have longed for. I feel resurrected from the demons of negativity that fed off of my insecurity. It was Hekate’s call that awakened me from my slumber of denial. I thank Her every day for opening my eyes to the enchanted world I have come to love.


Living with sovereignty has its risks. No longer can I hide behind my own fears, I must take a stand and walk the path of nobility. One must be strong of will and character to walk with the Gods and Spirits of Witchdom. It is not an easy path to follow and many sacrifices must be made. Not all sacrifices are the same, we must decide for ourselves what we are willing to give. The offering of self is very personal and will be different according to the circumstances. There are times that I find myself at a loss at what to offer the Gods and Spirits. Getting to personally know Them is the perfect place to start. They will guide you in the right direction and let you know if they are pleased with your sacrifice.

The writing of this book is an offering to Hekate. The sacrifice is knowing that not everyone will agree with or like what I say within these pages. Some, I’m sure, will not understand the way I see and feel Hekate. I may get negative reviews, or worse, none at all. Maybe some will laugh or be offended with what I have written. That is a chance I am willing to make. For Hekate—for myself. Even if just one person is touched by this devotional, it will be worth it. The impact Hekate has had on my life has been a positive one and I wish to share that with the world. This devotional is a personal challenge, one that I will see to the end. It is Hekate’s eternal love that pushes me forward and helps in my internal struggle to be true to myself and the Gods. Entering the Shadow-Lands as a free spirit has led to my sovereignty and the writing of this book. The independence of self has been exhilarating.

Hekate, Mistress of the Shadow-Lands, at the Crossroads of Self-Sacrifice I have found my Sovereignty hidden within the Deep Realms of my mind. It is You, Keeper of the Keys, who gave me the source and power to unlock the Mysteries of Self. Hekate, my Queen, as I enter the Lands of Shadow may the Spirit of Self-Doubt elude me. May I walk in Honor, free from the Fear of Failure. Hekate, Queen of Ghosts and Shadows, this I offer You– My undying gratitude and devotion given with Love and Freedom…

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