Hail Hekate! … From book reviewer to best-selling author

Sep 16th, 2018 | By | Category: Articles, Book News

Moon Books author Viv Moss has recently celebrated her book on Hekate selling five thousand copies and reaching best-seller status. Viv originally got in touch with Moon Books in 2014 asking if she could be a reviewer. We were happy to take her on and after reviewing for a while she offered a chapter on The Cailleach for our Naming the Goddess anthology. Viv then proposed writing a work in progress on the blog, producing chapter a month on Hekate which, in turn was published in our Pagan Portals series as Hekate; A Devotional. The book has sold steadily throughout its lifetime and last month achieved best-seller status. 

From moving through from reviewer, to blogger, to best-selling author, Viv has played a great part in the Moon Books journey and is an exemplar in the Moon Books community of writers and authors. We are always delighted to take on new writers, work with them and see their books not only published, but flourishing. If you think you would like to join our community of writers check out the link. 

Congratulations Viv… and Hail Hekate!

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