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An excerpt from Danu Forest’s new book on Gwyn ap Nudd – Wild god of Faery, Guardian of Annwfn.

“Gwyn is known in Glastonbury where I live as a local hunter god, and king of the Faeries, dwelling in the mythological glass castle within Glastonbury Tor, a great hill that rises above the Avalon marshes in Somerset and can be seen for miles.

A liminal place often shrouded in mist during the winter months it is a place that lends itself easily to thoughts of the Otherworld even in modern times, when an interest in Gwyn has been revived along with the indigenous myths and spiritual practices of which he is one of our main, if long forgott en, gods.

At the foot of the Tor sits the famous Chalice Well and its red iron-rich waters, and the White Spring – an endless source of calcium-rich water that gushes almost endlessly from within the hill, which is now housed in a water temple that was once an old pump house. These two waters, the red and the white have been held sacred for millennia and represent the duality of life, the male and female, life and death, blood and semen, and of course the red and white dragons of British myth. It was here, in the White Spring, where I was, as his dedicated priestess, first asked to set up a small public shrine to Gwyn many years ago, after holding a series of public ceremonies there dedicated to him and the ancient British tradition.

I was perhaps the first to honour him with a public shrine and open
ceremonies for hundreds of years. Each Nos Calan Gaeaf/Samhain
(Oct 31st) and Calan Mai/Beltane (1st May), I now lead an ever growing number of people all around the world honouring Gwyn as lord of Annwfn and guardian of the land, as well as the king of faerie, those mysterious beings who live closer to the soul of the
land herself than we can imagine.

Gwyn ap Nudd offers each their own initiations, their own lessons to know not only Annwfn, the soul of the land, but also to know themselves. A spiritual journey without end, Gwyn teaches us something of the shadow so that we may find the light within ourselves. Our own myths and wounded places function as offerings for growth and healing, whereby bit by bit, we may become like the poet Taliesin, radiant and illuminated from within, worthy to encounter the great cauldron, the great goddess of the land herself, and become renewed in her depths. He also shows us how magical and blessed and luminous the world can be, when we are filled to the brim with the cauldrons brew, the precious Awen, the inspiration of the spirit.

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    I am more interested in the cover art than the book. Who is the artist and can I get a print of just the cover art without the wording?

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