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copyright Peter Patterson

copyright Peter Patterson

During these hot and humid summer days our minds are on the strength of the sun and the warm rays beating down on us.  It’s the time of year for sunny holidays, family BBQs and summer weddings.  So when I picked up my oracle deck to do a reading for the coming month the most appropriate solar Goddess appeared … Grainne.

In deity terms we would usually think of the sun as male, strong, dominant and aggressive.  Perhaps we would visualise him riding in his sun chariot across the summer skies, but this wasn’t always the case.   To the Celts, and indeed other cultures, solar deities could also be female.  The energy of the sun is nurturing, life giving, feminine; its warmth and light helping the crops to ripen and grow.   The sun goddesses dance through fields and hilltops, overseeing the land, animals and the people, making sure they had a bountiful harvest.

In Irish mythology, Grainne was the daughter of Cormac Mac Airt.  She was promised in marriage to Fionn Mac Cumhail, but as he was quite a bit older than her she didn’t much fancy the prospect of being tied down to a boring old fart.  Now the thing about solar goddesses is they can be nurturing but they can also be quite feisty, they know what they want and they have the energy to go and get it.  So at their betrothal party Grainne spots a young chap called Diarmuid Ua Duibhne and it is love at first sight.  She drugs all those attending the party with the exception of Diarmuid, who she declares her love for.  At first he refuses at first out of respect for Fionn but Grainne isn’t taking no for an answer and she soon has Diarmuid under her spell and they run away together.   Of course the story all gets a bit tragic from there and ends up with Diarmuid being fatally wounded by a wild boar.

But from this story we can take away Grainne’s message for the coming month, tap into the fiery feminine energy and go after what you want, don’t take no for an answer.

Rachel Patterson & Tracey Roberts

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