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jhp574dd8919edabDorothy Abrams is a contributor to our new anthology: The Goddess In America.

Relationships with the Goddess in America: Spider Woman

Grandmother Spider Woman is a shamanic guide who works with me in deeply challenging ways. Much of what I have learned is multilayered metaphor that brings us to a basic truth. If we don’t do the work, the work does us. Sometimes the work puts us out of commission until we relinquish our stubbornness. Sometimes we remain permanently set aside because we refuse. Sometimes we identify the bad guys only to find out they were her messengers. Navigating between truth and error is as tricky as climbing a spider web and avoiding the trap lines. Yet at the center of the web, Grandmother Spider served me tea and raisin cake, though she did call it squashed flies. I hope that was her sense of humor.

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Dorothy Abrams, known as Anemone Webweaver in the magical community has practiced and taught Witchcraft, paganism, and core shamanism since 1984. Co-founder of the Web PATH Center, a pagan church and teaching center in Lyons, New York USA, Dorothy has served as priestess and teacher weaving the Web of community among local pagans as they celebrate the solar and lunar sabbats. She is the author of Identity and the Quartered Circle: Studies in Applied Wicca and numerous essays appearing in anthologies edited by Trevor Greenfield.

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